Republican Party is pretty much done!

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  • free2beme

    Just a word of advice for Republicans.


    I want someone who is a little closer to someone I can relate to. I do not care of their Christian, but do they have to be God this and God that, to play to the base? It will get you 47% and that will drop more and more. People want a more every day person, a more down to earth person and I do not want someone in their late sixties and seventies. I want someone in late 40's to early 60's. I do like a good education for a background, experience in business, and I actually like a military background (but not a must). I know I am not the only one who feels these ways.

    Also on those red and blue maps. They are BULL CRAP nonesense. County by county, my ass! There are counties there in big red colors that have populations of a couple thousand. Where as some of those small blue counties that look minor, have populations of millions. We do not vote by square footage, we vote by numbers. Also, another thing, the biggest problem is the nonvoter. A huge percentage of our population does not believe their vote matters. That is sad.

    Anyway, politics suck!

  • Pterist

    How come Republicans keep losing presidential elections, just because more people disagree with their messaging and policies? Stephen Colbert responded to their tactic to change this in last night's "The Word" segment, addressing the GOP's call to change the map by handing out electoral votes based on congressional districts, and not by state.

    Check out the clip above from last night's "Colbert Report" to see how Stephen reacts to Republicans' plan to fare better by changing the rules, if not their strategy.

    Very funny

  • scotoma

    All of this nonsense about whether Obama is left or right. He's neither. He is dead in the center - SELF centered aka narcissist.

    Progressives realize that Obama didn't deliver for them. He basically did everything the Republicans wanted. Kept spending money on war.

    Kept the drones flying. Kept guananamo open. Refused to prosecute Cheney for violating the constitution. Kept pushing Russia with Polish and Czech missile installations. Kept the Bush tax breaks for the rich when he could have easily ended it. Allowed insurance companies and drug companies to dictate prices for health care and didn't even allow a public option let alone national health care. Didn't do a damn thing for Mexican immigrants.

    Obama doesn't like people. He likes it when people like him. Things would have been no worse if McCain had been elected. They might have even been better because the racist Republicans wouldn't be trying to obstruct everything and the democrats would have seized control of the House in 2010.

    Sure he's leaning left now. That's because he wants to hob nob with the hollywood, & pop music stars when he's out of office. He knows he can be as bold as he wants now that he doesn't have to worry about reelection. He is thinking about access to the beautiful celebrities he can hang out with after he's no longer in office. I see extramarital affairs for him.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Having lived in a rural/small town Republican area and a Democrat big city, my thinking is somewhat different on the "government handouts" issue.

    Although there are plenty of Democrats here in the city that are on government programs, the number of people that were on disability, Social Security, welfare, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. was as high or higher in my old Republican hometown. This liberal area has far more institutions of higher learning and middle class demographics. The Republican old hometown is slowly dying, like so many small towns throughout the nation. Where there are jobs in the Republican counties, the wages are stagnant. The local politicians pushed so hard to get a Walmart, now more of the downtown is vacant, run-down buildings, plenty of bars, and lots of arrests. I can't remember the number, but the majority of kids in the shrinking hometown school system qualified for the "free lunch" program because their families were below the poverty line. And some of them have families larger than what I see here in the city. Of the kids that graduate, the vast majority will move far away from there. Of my graduating class, there are more that have died than have stayed in the small town.

    Sure, there are rich and middle class Republicans that are prominent in the party. But I've seen a lot of Republicans that are dirt poor and vote that way because Jesus tells them to, or they don't like minorities, or they like to imagine that they're rich, elite Republicans that can really relate to people like Romney.

    I don't see myself as strongly Democrat. It's more that I just can't agree with so much of the Republican Party. They've become the party of "no". Republicans, many but not all, have no interest in working on improving the country. It's more like they want to damage the Democrats regardless of the damage to the nation. That's a lousy policy.

    I won't say the Republican Party is dead. But they really need to reinvent themselves or they will be dead.

  • Pterist


  • designs

    Good ol fight today as Republicans drilled Hilary Clinton, she doesn't have a reverse gear.

  • whathappened

    It is good to have a little balance in the house and senate, but the republicans don't stand a chance at the white house again with their out dated philosophy.

  • kurtbethel

    Republicans market themselves as an alternative to reckless democratic tax and spend policies.

    The reality: They borrow and spend recklessly, and on top of that they chase around hounding people about their personal lives and cater to the religious extremists. It's simply not worth it. FAIL!

  • Tater-T

    the biggest fallacy is that they want smaller government... they just don't want a government employee to do a job they know the government should provide... they want it to go to a contractor... their contactor, so they can make a profit off the government..

    examples .. prisons .. the Iraq war ..

  • wasblind

    I won't be a bit surprised when Michelle dicides to run for the big house

    PS: For readers who don’t think this matters, remember this: Unlike Barack, Michelle is directly descended from pre-civil war slaves. For a lot of folks in America, that matters.______Marvin Shilmer

    Hello there Marvin,

    I have to disagree, I don't think Michelle would be interested to run for president

    she has two daughters that need her full attention as they come into their womanhood

    I think Michelle will be glad to go back to bein' a private citizen.

    while bein' first lady, Michelle has seen up close and personal that this country still has a long way to

    go concernin' race relations.

    The media gushed over Michelles coat, dress and bangs_____Moshe

    Let's not forget, Media also gushed over Jackie Kennedy as bein' very stylish

    Jackie was the one who made bangs popular, If I'm correct

    Must be a democratic cheek2cheek hug______Moshe

    I'd give you the same hug Moshe, the only difference is

    I feel better than Usher


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