How do apocolytpic cults start?

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    Some place in a different time, Eden One interacted with a group termed "Jehovah's Witnesses." It bears no resemblance to any JW group I ever encountered. His JWs seem very different than the one experienced by all members of this forum, whether believers or not.

    1984, Animal Farm, and Brave New World would not be literary classics if they address universal human concerns. Animal Farm, in particular, seems to have been written by a former JW. Yet he based it on Stalinist Russia. It is a timeless theme.

    I have never read the literature but there is a wealth of lit devoted to cults and apocalyptic religions. Indeed, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao had millions who belived they were close to God. The primal urge to obey so as not to deal with questions is very scary. Special knowledge simply does not exist.

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