How do apocolytpic cults start?

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  • Cagefighter

    how do they start? my research indicates it is usually some guy with bordeline personality disorder that sucks in those looking for meaning, purpose, and stability.

  • sabastious
    How do apocolytpic cults start?

    A good example would be a person using pseudoscience to "prove" the existence of an impending extraterrestrial invasion. The goal is to get unyielding loyalty from others so that they can be used to do anything on command. First, they would need to convince suggestible people that an alien attack was imminent (Armageddon) and that only they hold the key to salvation from it. Then they would set a tangible date for when this doom would occur and then when it didn't come, they would have a premediated explanation for the failure of the event to transpire. When the failure occurs they will lose converts, but will also gain perfectly loyal drones. With the BS story they are essentially separating the wishful thinkers from the rational minds. The people who WANT what they say to be true will stay, and the one's who want the truth will leave. That's how cults start, from premeditated liars. Eventually the shysters die (ussually covered in money, sex and power) and what's left is an ideaology that was never meant to be true, but is passed on as if it was by loyal wishful thinkers. This starts a vicious cycle of people waking up to the lie and the wishful thinkers confirming their bias.


  • flipper

    " How do apocalyptic cults start ? " Basically through the use of FEAR and GUILT instilled through mind control. That about covers it

  • EntirelyPossible

    Thanks, all, for participarting. I wasn't targetting the JWs specifically, though I think a lot applies to them. They certainly do have "secret" information, isolate themselves, look forward to impending doom. I am curious how a person gets sucked in, I don't think it all has to do with pseudo science or a weak personality, I have seen otherwise successful and smart people get sucked into them.

    Eden: I thought you made some decent points.

    Cofty, you as well.

    Tater, I did not see that one, but I did see one on an Australian Jesus wanna-be named Alan Miller. His GF thinks she is Mary Magdalene. Coincidentally, he has cycled through several women that thought they were Mary Magdalene until he got tired of them...

    doofdaddy, I think a big part of it IS people wanting someone to tell them how it ends and turn over control....

    CA, excellent points.

    Cagefighter, i think that is a huge part of it.

    Sab, for some cults, agreed. Mixing bad science with religion always turns out weird.

    Flipper...that too.

    I think there are a lot of reason, most of them stated here, the reasons may be different for each convert, but the end is the same....sucked into a mind-crushing cult devoted to a dear leader that has the voice of god )or whatever that you can question, but only to get an answer that puts the person in their place or treats them like a 3-year old.

  • tec

    On behalf of those following: Fear and desire to be led.

    Two things off the top of my head, though I know there are more.

    Sometimes there is one leader; sometimes a group (such as the wts) In both cases, if you do not listen to that leader, then you (and your loved ones) will die. There is the fear. Some people also want to be told, rather than to research and/or think for themselves.

    People are afraid to 'miss' the truth, and they are also afraid to be fooled. Lots of fear.



  • tec

    Oh, also not knowing the truth to begin with. If you did know the truth, then the lies (and liars) would be easier to spot.



  • jgnat

    A hook.

  • Finkelstein

    They do it by exploiting frail human emotions, insecurities and ignorance.

    Like this .....

    And if they operate their own publishing house all they have to do is distribute their publications by ones that have been

    already drawn in by their expressed ideology to gain more possible interested ones from the public.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Not sure about not knowing the truth, Tec, since everyone claims they have it and it's different from every other truth. The liars are easy to spot:

    - Unprovable claims

    - Arguing against provable facts

    - Insults against those that question them

    - Intentional twisting of words that take on new meaning within the group

    - Continual new revelation when current "truth" is found to be lacking or becomes logically inconsistent.

    I agree, man do desire to be led, they are looking for someone to tell them how things are. Another HUGE warning sign is when the potential converts or interested people suddenly start displaying group think. If the leader hears voices, the followers start hearing voices. If the leader suddenly has new revelation, the followers suddenly get that new revelation, if the leader says they aren't ready for certain truths yet, the followers patiently wait for the progressive "knowledge" to be made up and spoon fed to them.

    Of course, it all has to be wrapped into end of the world prophecies to create a sense of urgency. In the Christian variety, this often involved the middle east, Israel, nuclear war, etc. For some, it's aliens or a one world government conspiracy.

    Turning off your own brain and shutting down critical thinking and skepticism is a major part of falling for this type of stuff. Skepticism, demanding proof, looking for internal consistency, etc., all help to avoid being sucked into suck things.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    my research indicates it is usually some guy with bordeline personality disorder that sucks in those looking for meaning, purpose, and stability..cagefighter

    I'd agree with that

    Then throw in some fear mongering about the end of the world as we know it...and how God will save them because they are special or chosen.

    If you did know the truth, then the lies (and liars) would be easier to spot...tec

    Ain't THAT the truth...some people will believe anything they are told because they want to believe it so badly. They are just waiting to be fooled by liars and manipulators.

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