The Watchtower Society has come to grips with the futility of D2D preaching

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  • wasblind

    No fightin' intended I was only kiddin' you Tater-T that's why I wink at you

    other than the fact that you are cute in that avatar if that's you

  • Emery

    When Satan's currency is endangered, you will always see these goons change their tune rather quickly.

    Technology and the internet were talked in recent years as a waste of time and a satanic bird trap. Now they're both recognized as resourceful tools to help the movement, my Jah's channel of communication is one always one step ahead of the rest.

  • steve2

    To dimly acknowledge that the internet is an amazing tool for informing people is a long way short of reducing the dull-minded hammering from the Kingdom Ministry and the platform about the urgent need to go D2D.

    The organization has been pretty big on "blood responsbility" and "being seen" out in public witnessing regardless of the dubious efficiency. That said, despite the hammering, the stagnation of and decline in publisher numbers in so many western countries is plainly evident.

    The biggest shock in the latest annual service report is the significant decline by some 300,000 in those attending the memorial (but increase in partakers). That's got to have some of the big wigs worried.

  • Sulla

    What if they pivoted from making everybody go door-to-door for for 10 hours each month to making everybody do charity work? "We expect you to feed the homeless or teach English to refugees or mentor an orphan for 10 hours a month since the scripture says that as we do to the least of these..."

    That's a joke. The leaders aren't the sort to reject the idea that they are the ones to whom you must show charity.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    " It is our hope that these adjustments will enable us to reach more people "

    Except for all the people in the world that don't have computers or the Internet... such as my parents. WT's pathetic website is completely lost in the ocean of information that is the Internet.

  • Ding

    Yes, if people google "Jehovah's Witnesses," they'll also find out about JWN, Candace Conti, Ray Franz, Randy Watters, jwfacts, Cetnar, Chretien, Reed, etc.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I think they want to step up the recruting in nations where people have money. The internet witnessing won't be very effective in poor countries. I guess they are tired of the free ride

  • MrFreeze

    When will they start the Mormon approach and start running advertisements on billboards and online? Oh wait, they wouldn't do that. Mormons point out that their members are supposedly just normal people. "I'm a surfer, and I'm Mormon." What would the JW one say? "I'm a window washer, and I'm a Jehovah's Witness." "I waste 70 hours a month calling on empty houses, and I'm a Jehovah's Witness."

  • Pickler

    Going D2D is a complete waste of people's time & energy, but... I read somewhere on this site about cults & keeping people busy, so they have no time to think?

    What would you do if you didn't have field service, on a Saturday morning? go to the gym? Relax? maybe browse the Internet ? More time to think for a JW....and I really believe time is what they don't want you to have.

    also, I predict that at sometime in the future there will be a hilarious talk from the platform about history deleting & what it means.....If there hasn't been already!

  • undercover

    Mormons point out that their members are supposedly just normal people. "I'm a surfer, and I'm Mormon."

    Didn't work for Mitt Romney...

    Seriously though, Mormons do come across as more normal than JWs. They're more part of the world around them. They run for president, they vote, they join the military, they celebrate local/nations customs/holidays.

    In some ways, it's more sinister too. Because they appear more normal, when one realizes the faultiness of their religion, and want to leave, the cult aspects are less tangible to point out.

    But their system seems to work for the LDS; they tithe, so they get their money and don't have to coerce their followers with other cult tactics like the WTS does.

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