The Watchtower Society has come to grips with the futility of D2D preaching

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  • wasblind

    You don't even have to read between the lines, they say it straight out on their Website

    " In many countries, more and more people obtain information online."

    Oh really !?!? who'd a thunk it

    "And feel comfortable with this approach. With the click of a mouse, they can tap into sources of information available only on the internet. Many books, magazines, and newspapers can be read online"

    Ain't that amazin' !!!!!!!!

    " Visitors to our website can also read selected features that have frequently appeared in our printed magazines but will now appear only on our website."

    Does this mean the householder can now enjoy their day off without interuption ?????

    " Scince we will be publishing more articles online, the public edition of the Watchtower will be reduced from 32 pages to 16"

    Now that's what I call goin' GREEN

    " It is our hope that these adjustments will enable us to reach more people "

    When did they finally get a clue ????? Must have been the amount of unanswered doors

    Wit the click of a mouse the WTS can still go House to House

    At the convenience of the house holder all day long

    Not one drop of gas needed



  • Tater-T

    are they soliciting donationa online yet?... I never visit the site..

  • hoser

    They went from demonizing the internet to embracing it in what, 2 years?

  • wasblind

    Don't know Tater-T

    I haven't really checked it out that well

    It's a dirty job goin' through that mess

    I'll have to look later, when I can stomach it

  • okage

    so they embrace the evil apostate internet to explain away cutting the magazine in half. guess it helps cover the fact of the financial burden of covering up pedophilia.

  • cobaltcupcake

    Ain't teknoligy amazin?

  • ABibleStudent

    H'mmm more JWs accessing the internet means more JWs using browsers to search for Jehovah. How many JWs will accidently click on websites like or

    With all the flip flops and miss-steps the WTBTS, I sometimes wonder if the Watchtower is purposely trying to cause JWs doubts? Fewer JWs mean fewer expenses and fewer JWs to quibble over the WTBTS's real estate holdings.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Terry

    It may be more about MONEY than you think!

    By cutting printing costs the money that would have been spent on ink and paper is now freed up to pay lawsuits.

    And, speaking of lawsuits....

    What sort of liability does the Society have should a JW get into a an assault or murder as a representative at some civilian's door? Methinks that must be tickling the back of certain necks....


    We already know what the general public thinks of JW`s..

    It`s unlikely they will be knocking on the WBT$`s door..

    The WBT$ will get millions of hits by JW`s..


    Declare the WBT$ Web Site a Huge Success!..

    ............................. mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • undercover

    It's obvious that the door-to-door doesn't work. It's a horrible business model.

    So, the WTS is starting to come out and admit it. While the WTS slowly rebuilds from a publishing empire to a real estate holdings empire, just what do they do with the millions of door-to-door sales people? How do you keep them motivated to keep knocking on doors, when the product they were pushing is slowly regulated down to a few brochures and tracts?

    JWs have become dumber over the last couple/three generations. No more knowing their bible and being able to look up scriptures on the fly, trying to give a 20 minute disertation at the door. They de-evolved into human robots, giving out magazines. How do you transform them back into bible study hunters (that's make a good reality show btw) and keep them motivated to going door-to-door, looking for converts without the tools they once had?

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