WHY does God fail to...

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  • Simon

    Seven, the post by 'Searching1' came from the same IP as the other trouble posts so I can only assume it is the same person.
    I think I've swapped Emails with martini a few times before this forum (the we both realised who we were) so I think he's quite genuine.
    All these posts by the troublemakers are just tricks to try and disrupt things - get us turning on each other.

  • Carmel

    Definately NOT!


  • Seven

    Thank you Simon.
    I'm sorry, Martini.


  • Frenchy

    Dear friends,
    It makes me feel good that we can sort these things out. These trouble makers must not be allowed to cause friction between us. One such post said that (lars, I believe said it) he believed that Seven and I were one and the same! Man, is that guy off base! So, I don't see it being out of character for them to randomly pick one of us and claim that we are with them. I do not reply to their posts.

  • Martini

    Hey Gorgeous,
    Yes I'm talking to you 7fo9,I'm cool... apology accepted. :)
    At least now I know that if I should EVER get out of hand there is someone here who can straighten me out!
    Did I mention you look dazzling?

    To our friendship, cheers.

    special note: Thanks Simon I knew it was only a matter of time to clear things.

  • Roamingfeline

    To Spectromize:

    Quote: It would be presumptuous to conclude that God does not have the majority of his servants as faithful and loyal. Unquote.

    That sounds like WTBTS doublespeak. We are not to question. Ours is not to wonder. We are to only be assimilated to follow the GB's orders, period. I say HOGWASH.

    ON THE EARTH, the majority of mankind has chosen NOT to follow God. What the people here were asking was WHY?

    And yes, even though we cannot say how many of the Spirit world forsook Jah, or what their motives were, the question is WHY can't Jah keep the majority of beings as followers and why is his answer to it always violence and killing?

    If my child disagrees with me, I don't kill it. That's not LOVING.

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  • Martini

    Greeting Roamingfeline,

    Thanks for bringing back the topic of this thread.Pondering these kind of thoughts is disturbing but I feel better when others confirm to me that they too are perplexed in the same ways with similar thoughts..

    Of course I would love to see a rightrous heavenly Government bring a paradise earth, who wouldn't really welcome divine intervention? But the reality is we wre living in the here and now. Especially now TODAY as we are living and breathing is there a need to bring a measure of justice and righteousness to suffering mankind. We cannot simply sit back and wait for God. I am actually amazed to see how instinctively survivalists humans are. It's true conditions are horrific for many but life does go on and people are trying to change things,even without God's help.
    I don't mean to sound anti-God here, at all, infact for those humans who imitate Christ even to a limited degree have been making a difference in bringing relief to suffering mankind and doing this in a very tangible way.
    I mention this to come back to my point where if I were God with the option to destroy 99.9% to save .1% or leave things as they are,I think I would leave things as they are. I suppose in permitting wickedness this is precisely what God has favored to do.

    Praise Jah!

  • katchoo

    This is a very very interesting discussion. I have often wondered about God in relation to all the "destruction"...

    So what about this? Maybe I am going out on a limb here, but what if instead of "God striking down all those people" in explanation for their "unrighteousness", ...what if instead "God Striking" was credited as an explanation for unforseen events? I mean, what if the whole Bible was just people trying to explain things, to make them make sense?

    I dont really know, but it seems like a viable question to me.

    Now, on to the apostasy thing.
    I have read Ray Franz's book, and it does make you think. But it isn't like I have heard other JWs say it is. Obviously the majority of JWs who talk about the book have never read it.

    The truth is, there is no "great apostasy". There is no "evil slave" out to destroy "God's Organization". believe me, I have searched for them. I figured that if you have to look out for apostates so much, if they are really trying to get you away from the "truth", then they should be pretty easy to find, right?


    I have tried and tried to find some semblance of the apostasy i was told about at the KH, and all I have found was a bunch of confused, hurt, wounded, sometimes angry, everyday people trying to get on with their lives. There is no group in opposition to Jehovah.

    In fact, most of the ones I have met left because they believed that they could not conscientiously serve Jehovah as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    But in talking to some JWs, (my father for one) I was told that I didnt have to believe it all, or know what the Society was doing all over the world, what they said in the past and how that has changed. I didn;t have to worry my little head about that, just come back to the meetings and everything would be all right.

    I informed him that one result of my being raised a JW is that I have a conscience. And I would not be a hypocrite for him or anyone else.

    Recently I have heard some of my JW relatives refer to me as an apostate. I have done NOTHING except dare to think for myself. I am certainly not in opposition to Jehovah, and I couldn't care less if they all want to be JWs or not. It is not my place to try to undermine anyone else's faith.

    I find it very sad that they are too afraid of an "apostasy" (that does not even exist) to have any contact with their own flesh and blood.


  • katchoo

    where is my previous post to this topic?
    It seems to have disappeared...
    Did I inadvertently say something wrong and get deleted or what?
    Just wondering.


  • Seven

    katchoo, The same thing happened to my post earlier this evening. After I hit the reply to topic button everything stalled. Maybe we cancelled each other out. I doubt very much if you were deleted.

    BTW-welcome to the board.

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