QR codes: a way to stop APOSTATES !!!

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  • St George of England
    St George of England
    the latest awake magazine has one and is on the last page ,whether this will be a permanent feature he failed to say

    That's interesting. I have the latest WT and Awake (March 2013) and neither have QR codes. Is this just on US printing?

    The magazines on jw.org likewise do not have the codes.

    Has anybody here ACTUALLY SEEN a WT or Awake with QR codes on them?



    I have NOT seen this yet, but I have not been reading the magazines for sometime. I will check when I get home. Even if the codes are not in a magazine they are an awesome way to send messages. If we can print off a bunch of these stickers that can direct a kid with a smart phone to JWN, or JWfacts, then that is awesome. We could go around sticking these in buses and subways and bus-stops, trendy hangouts where kids might be. You can put some on Kingdom Halls, in the backs of magazines at laundry-mats, libraries.. sky is the limit! Awesome idea Rebel8!

  • obarac

    QR codes will be in use from April Awake magazine.

  • processor

    I suggest to further reduce the 16-page Watchtower to a 1-page edition:

  • jgnat

    For those wondering, you can use your iPhone to take a picture of the QR code. The iPhone takes you to the website.

    QR Read

    Does anyone know if you need an app on your iPhone to make this work.

    The future of dating:

    QR Read

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Yeah you need an app. There's a billion of them for every platform. Pretty common place now.

  • RayPublisher

    Here's JWStruggle:

    JWS QR code

  • cedars

    On the back cover of the latest Awake!...



  • Londo111

    Isn't it just much easier to type in JW.ORG? That seems like so much effort!

  • WatchtowerFree

    This just shows how truly clueless they really are about technology and how people really

    interact with it .

    Its so obvious its in response to their must pressing concern "How to keep people from all the critical info on the net?"

    So now I'll go back to putting more critical info on the net .

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