QR codes: a way to stop APOSTATES !!!

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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Interesting meeting today.The DO had the last talk and he mentioned a couple of things I have not heard before :

    1) The new lighter magazines are designed in a way to attract people to our website

    2)The ministry will change to incoprorate preacing in town centres and and with stands as in Manhattan and certain brothers will be allocated to do this .So it is done now in a big scale ,organised.

    3)The QR codes at the back of the magazines are there for smart phone users to guide them directly to jw.org ,unlike bad old internet via laptops and pc's that you have to look for the website on google and sometimes end up in enemy websites that look like our website but are spreading lies about JW's (he said exactly that!) We had 4 people who are studies at the moment and where there in the Hall today .I looked over to see the reaction and they looked puzzled .

    So the way to tackle apostate websites is QR codes .What happened to good old debate I wonder ?

    One thing is for sure though I never heard a District Overseer acknowledging apostate websites in such a way before ?

    Who said "First they ignore us ,they they mock us ,then they fight us ,then we win "?

    I think we are on STEP 3 at the moment!

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    OK, help out an old guy. What is a QR code. I'm looking at a Feb 2013 16 page Awake and I don't see anything besides the usual 'jw.org'.

  • carla

    It is easy to get a free QR code and make your own stickers to go over the one on a mag if you see one. Besides, most people do not use the QR codes anyway.

    Make a QR code here - http://www.qrstuff.com/

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    the latest awake magazine has one and is on the last page ,whether this will be a permanent feature he failed to say

  • Vidiot
    raymond frantz - "Who said 'First they ignore us, they they mock us, then they fight us, then we win'?"


    raymond frantz - "I think we are on STEP 3 at the moment!"

    Seem to have skipped Step 2; I don't recall the WTS ever mocking XJWs.

    Just hostility (at least, since the late 70s).

  • cobaltcupcake

    Sure, that could work. If people actually take the magazines. And if they are curious enough to turn them over before they toss them in the trash bin.

  • okage


    i think when they called apostate mentally diseased it could be considered mocking.


    Get ready to buy some JW Rolling Carts!! Probably made by a brother. You pay the WT for the carts that they bought from the Brother who makes them, and he contributes money! I bet only the most exemplary dubs get rolly cart duty. The rest will have to continue to pauperize themselves paying for gas, and keep walking the beat.

    In my area of the world the KH tried a literature stand at a major local retailer. The community of church-goers shut it down by protesting to the retailer. This of course was viewed as persecution. I wonder how much money the WTBTS can make with rolly carts? I don't think it will go over that well. It seeems like more of a way to create an imaginary link with the past. Hey, look everyone, we are just like the old time dubs with our carts! The sad truth is that the slight break in the boring routine of service will probably re-energize many who are fading and just about ready to wake up. Then the next " inovation " will come along... Sorry to go off topic. I have not seen this code in the mags. I will scan it for fun....

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Just a tech question - what are the little coloured geometric things between a posters name and the thread title on JWN?

    People in a laundromat, etc. have idle time to kill - the codes on stickers seem like an efficient way to redirect their interest.

  • Honeybucket

    They should put out a tip jar

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