QR codes: a way to stop APOSTATES !!!

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  • perfect1

    When I come across a magseller in the city- I will make sure everyone around me hears me LOUD AND CLEAR

    Its a cult

    Will destroy your family.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The problem is that so much that used to be public space is now quasipublic or private space. What retailer or mall is going to allow them on their private premises? If you let one religion inside or in the parking lot, then all must be welcome. Many of the public spaces in NY are actually privately owned with some sort of license for the general public. I never saw any religious activity, not even Hare Krishna, at the WTC.

    I assume that a city can regulate how much public space you hog. Those tables and displays seem quite large. There are religious groups that I see on NYC streets but they are a few individuals, sometimes with a small amplication system.

    Overall, I see less of a public presence by religious groups than when I was young. With the exception of older, more formal public spaces, the shift has clearly been to privatization. Parking lots can be a buffering zone.

    I've noted Witnesses at tables in several cities over the years (Boston, NY, Philadelphia, and DC). Unless they man it alone, they are so engrossed in conversaton with each other that you can not speak to them.

  • Fed-up

    DATA-DOG: rolly cart duty...

    hahaha! it so absurd it just might work! They are trying new things to try to be significant, to be noticed...in a world that just isn't impressed, annoyed or ready to persecute the different and wacky. It's like the campaigns before memorial and the district convention. Nobody cares anymore, not in an apathetic way, but in a 'oh, are those people still around' way. They want to matter in a world they don't understand AT ALL! 20 years from now you won't recognize "the organization". They are floundering.

    The comment made by the DO is perfect..."enemy websites" that's hilarious. Honestly, 'what's the believer without the disbeliever' or something like that.

    The QR codes at the back of the magazines are there for smart phone users to guide them directly to jw.org ,
    unlike bad old internet via laptops and pc's that you have to look for the website on google and sometimes end up in
    enemy websites that look like our website but are spreading lies about JW's (he said exactly that!)

    So the WBT$ is going to Advertise there are Enemy Web Sites?..

    Websites they don`t aprove of..

    WebSites a non-JW should not be going to!..


    The general public is not going to like being ordered around by the WBT$..


    We get Free Advertising..

    Another WatchTarded Idea..

    By the WBT$..

    .......................... mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Outlaw ,you're right ,this is free advertising .I just feel sorry for them ,they managed to get 3 studies through the doors for the first time in dog's years and they tell them not to look online for enemy websites .WHAT? This is the 21st century ! These studies had question marks all over their faces and I don't personally see them getting back anytime soon.

  • Londo111

    QR codes?!? Now all our plans are thwarted! That's like foolproof! It’s not as if what people read in the magazines themselves will make people question.

  • raymond frantz
  • Mum

    They have a lot to overcome. Almost everyone on this board has already been a JW. We're just the tip of the iceberg.

    Several years ago, a JW lady knocked on our door. My daughter told her directly, "Oh, I've already been a Jehovah's witness." To our surprise, this forthright statement only made her curious, not disgusted. She actually came back, but we were going somewhere and didn't have time to spend with her. Shortly after that, we moved to another state.

    Recently, two JW's came to our front door. I told them that I was an apostate. They did not flinch, but the lady in front kept blathering about "the solution." She said, "You're not disfellowshipped, are you?" As far as I know, I was not formally disfellowshipped, so I told her this. The lady with her seemed somewhat uncomfortable, but said nothing.

    Almost everybody knows a JW -- from work or from family mostly. Knowing a JW personally is usually all it takes to get people disinterested in their "message," that you cannot have any fun, and the world is on the verge of a cataclysm in which Jehovah will make Hitler look like a little old lady Sunday school teacher.





    The best part of this Stupid Idea is ..

    It`s against WBT$ Law to point out Stupid Ideas..

    No matter how Stupid the Idea is it is!

    WBT$ SnowMen..



    Not in WatchTower World!!..

    ............................... mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Does anybody know the exact size of the QR codes as they appear in the magazines? I just might have some stickers printed up and look for opportunities to stick them over the original codes. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

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