"I just want to keep them alive."

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  • AnnOMaly

    Among the worst things are the memories and stories. They fade once the storytellers are gone. They may have told you a hundred times the same stories about what life was like when they were children or when they were newly-marrieds pioneering out of a rusted wheelbarrow or Aunt Gladys's (God rest her) double-jointed toes that you've inherited and how Uncle Harry used to talk to his pot plants because he really believed they liked it. You never paid much attention because you'd heard it all before a gazillion times. Then when they're gone, so are the stories ... and you can't remember if it was Uncle Harry who had the double-jointed toes or whether Aunt Gladys liked plants in rusted wheelbarrows ... and the ones who'd know are no longer here to ask.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Years ago when I was about six i remember going next door with my grandmother to sit and talk. People used to do that and I looked at some pictures on a desk of the elderly couple who lived there and they were young and smiling and I remember that moment of deep realization. i thought they were once like me and will I be like them one day after that I sometimes looked out the window and watched them sitting in their little screened in porch. That was back in the 1950's and I had occasion to pass by that area about ten years ago and i saw that spot and it made me sad. I didn't know them that well i was just a little kid and they were very old but they had an impact on me.

  • Mum

    It is so true. I was lucky enough to have a grandmother until I was 54. She was 90 when she died, and in full control of her faculties, and in pretty good shape physically (able to walk independently, cook, read and write, etc.). She was such a sweet, uncomplicated, simple and contented soul. Everyone loved her.

    Now that I'm getting along in years (I'm 65), I sometimes think death has to come because we get to the point in life that the world is so baffling that we don't fit in anywhere. I am lucky that I am somewhat computer-literate and open-minded. But even I have difficulty with the amorality of people in this age. It sickens me to see people with ugly tattoos all over their bodies and/or punched full of holes (piercings) and people wearing their pants practically at their knees. They look as if they have no self-respect, at least to me.

    I understand that accepting what is gives one more peace than raging and railing against it. What a drag it is getting old!



  • sd-7

    Valar morghulis, all men must die. Can't avoid it forever. I don't think I'll understand it until I lose more people I was close to, but since leaving the cult, I've been emotionally distant from everyone in my family, even the non-JW side.

    My thought is, since we know that death is on its way, the best thing to do is to create something that outlives us. It doesn't have to be kids. For me, I've been fortunate enough to have one of my own, but I don't know. I have tried to write down as many moments of my life as I possibly could. I'm hoping that whenever I die, they won't have to wonder about that story I kept telling them, they'll be able to read about it in my old journals. I've got nearly 15 years worth of stuff written down so far. Probably need to scan it and store it someplace offsite in the event of a fire.

    It's not my place to try and beat back death. "There is no defeat in death. Victory comes in doing what good we can while we still live."--Alfred Pennyworth, 'Batman & Robin'. To remember all there is to remember, to record all there is to record, about the people closest to us, maybe we can preserve a piece of who they were that way. I don't know. It's not simple.

    Maybe I'll understand in 20 more years or so. If I live that long myself, really. But I don't think I will be able to function if I give too much thought to death and what it will do to us all. The way I see it, best to fight today's battles and hope that the best of us will still be around to fight tomorrow's, whether the best of us is in the form of people or memories or wisdom.


  • Ucantnome

    i always think of matt.22:32

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    As was mentioned....for those folks especially who've given their entire lives to the borg and not being able to fully enjoy their few years left...really makes me feel sad.


    Kool Jo

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Cedars>>>>>>I was born in 1949. The youngest, on both sides of the Family.

    The first time I noticed, really, that time had gone by, was a family photo taken. I was taller than my parents and I am just 5' 6". Armegeddon is coming soon!

    Dad died 3 years and 2 months ago. Mom died just 3 years ago, this month. We received a phone call that my SIL was not expected to make it. My husband took

    off, but didn't make it in time. She was dead. While he was on the Road, I received a phone call that my Aunt had died. I was so stress out with the already

    happening events, I can't even recall which relative called me. I called my mom the very next morning at 8AM, after all, it was her last surviving relative. A

    worldly neighbor lady

    answered the phone and told me my mom was still dead in the house. They were waiting for someone to pick her up. She had died sometime in the night. When

    I hung up, I was a bit speechless and in shock. After a while, I called my husband on the road. I told him first about my Aunt. He gave the approperiate

    responses. Then I told him about my mom. I don't remember the conversation...I just went blank.

    How did this wheel of life happen?

    Wasn't I brought up with the "holy writings" millions now living, will never die? How could they all be dead? How...?

    Were we ever hood-winked and used!

    On another thread "Terry" talks about looking in the mirror and seeing the shy little boy/mixed in the mirror with his grown up 66 year old self.

    When you were brainwashed to believe you would not die, first that sounds ridiculous, but seriously, there was still a little bit of that, well isn't it coming soon

    and it can't be late?... Don't hold your breath! It was just a carrot held out to us by a Multi-million (if not billion) dollar Worldwide Real Estate/Publishing Firm

    to freely "sell" their writings, collect "donations", sign over KHall property to them, well we all know the rest of the story. Not lol Disgusting.

    Just Lois

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Moshe/Mark>>>>>>>Your cartoon, "Bethel Infirmary", was too funny! Is it 1975 yet? lol

    Just Lois

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    NVR 2L8>>>>>>>You mentioned your 79 year old, pioneering mother and how you would love to speak to her heart about, she too will die, as all living things

    do. How do you not know, that in her new acknowledged state, "we can't escape death", that she would love for you to pick the time & place, and sitting by her,

    give her a letter to read, briefly, about TTATT. You could have more pages in your purse/pocket and hand her a page more at a time, if she could handle it. You

    don't even have to talk. Myself, I am thrilled to finally know the truth. And it is not from the Watchtower, believe me.

    Just Lois

    PS Cedars>>>>>>>> Sorry, I do not mean to disrespect you by addressing someone else on your thread, but not everyone looks at their PM's, and I felt the

    need to say a few words to NVR 2L8. Thank you.

    Just Lois

  • metatron

    Yes and it has always made me angry and frustrated.

    I live in this world but have never understood it. I can't comprehend why Aubrey DeGrey had to argue and debate to establish that stopping the aging process is a "worthy" topic for study.

    I can't comprehend why we still run our cars on fossil fuels when nuclear effects in electrical discharges were demonstrated in the late '20's - or how possible free energy anomalies invoving hydrogen were demonstrated over 70 years ago and ignored.

    I can't fathom how profound anti-cancer effects can be uncovered - and then dropped.

    Bring up things like this and then observe how people ridicule or just express boredom with it all.

    All these technical things involve relieving human suffering, for me and my loved ones and everyone else. And the world goes on and that's that.


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