Why WTBTS Disfellowshipping Works...

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  • Chariklo

    Just on a point of information, Tec, Catholic excommunication is not at all the cutting off of religious contact. Not by any means.

    An ex communicant isn't allowed to receive Holy Communion. That's all. They can and do still go to Mass. They can even go up and receive a blessing (just as children to young to receive Holy Communion do. I've seen this happen. They are welcomed. They are not shunned. There is no huge sense of ostracism. Conversations with the Church are likely to continue, and they may still receive pastoral care from a good priest. No-one refuses to talk to them. By and large, depending on what led to the ex-communication, they will be still accepted and thought of as part of the parish family.

    I've heard JW's say that disfellowshippings is what the Bible says and what Catholics do. Rubbish. That is a lie.

    Band, JW's are a religion of mostly black women? Not here, they're not!! What a weird thing to say!

  • AGuest
    This is a classic example of why I have utter contempt for you.

    And I should care that you do because... ?

    How do you come to this conclusion?

    The answer was provided, dear tec (peace to you!):

    Outsiders have commented on it.

    Which appears to be being done now.

    A doulos of Christ,

    SA, who wonders if some folks are that blind to their own fears and biases which, to those they apparently fear, are quite telling...

  • cofty

    I know you don't care Shelby - narcissistic people are impervious to other people's opinions.

    I pointed out why you were mistaken to advise alerting a child abuser of your intention to report them to the police. Instead of taking valid criticism you plumbed new depths of vindictiveness to try to offend the person who dared to correct you. You don't even pretend to be a pleasant person anymore. I hope this only represents a strange online persona that you have invented.

  • Angharad
    I personally wouldn't run to the authorities unless I was told a little more than "I think Uncle Cofty 'touched' me." - Shelby

    This is a classic example of why I have utter contempt for you. - COFTY

    Aguest - I totally understand why Cofty is upset here, your comment was out of line there was no need for you to make such a comment. We do not need yet another discussion derailed due to insulting / baiting comments being posted

  • daringhart13

    Thank you for your honesty AGuest........and the clarification that you're a female.

    With that said, I've served on hundreds.....mostly as the chairman..... I dealt with everything from rape, to smoking, to child abuse, to homosexuality.

    With that much experience, I can tell you unequivocally that Disfellowshipping does not work, it has never worked, its insane and whatsmore..........its not remotely Biblical.

    I now confess I didn't read your paragraphs of information because I don't have to. DFing is nothing more than a mechanism made by Knorr in 1942 in an effort to control people.

    When you've served as an elder for many, many years and have been in a cramped room with broken hearted people.....then you can comment on this subject. Since you seem to pride yourself on being a 'christian woman'.....you might want to take the path of humility here...... its like telling people how you understand being an astronaut...... when you've never even watched 2001 Space Odyssey, much less been to space.

  • cofty

    Thank you Angharad.

  • AGuest
    Aguest - I totally understand why Cofty is upset here, your comment was out of line there was no need for you to make such a comment. We do not need yet another discussion derailed due to insulting / baiting comments being posted

    I ALL honesty, I do not, dear Angharad (peace to you!). I was not in ANY way insinuating that I thought similar of Cofty (not at all! C'mon, people! It was an example - given how much time he spends on here, when would he have TIME??). I used his name to try and help him see how utterly ridiculous it COULD be! That someone could accuse HIM... and knowing just what I know of him through this forum THAT child would have to give ME more! I mean, I don't even know C personally, but someone couldn't just accuse him of bad conduct to ME - they would have to give me some more details and MAKE me believe it!

    I TRULY do NOT get this heightened sensivity! Really, I don't! I was NOT insinuating that C would even engage in such conduct - to the contrary, that's why I used HIM as the example... because I could NOT imagine it!

    What is UP with all of this reading bad motives? Is it such a stretch to say, "Maybe she means that such an allegation would, in HER mind, be SO ridiculous, given who's being accused, that she would NEED more information?"?????

    Sigh. Look, perhaps it's best if C and I just steer clear of each other, as well. I mean, if you check the record, I rarely engage him first. RARELY. Usually, I'm just responding to some snarky comment HE'S made.

    Goodness, I am tired of this... truly. It's just too much, sometimes. Just too much.

    Please... can we leave the WTBTS "anyone who doesn't speak to me a certain way is out to hurt my feelings" melarkey for once and for all? All MANNER of things are said about me on this site. I take it with a grain of salt because I KNOW the folks who do it don't know me. But goodness... surely you all know I wouldn't think C a molester (OMG!)... or even seriously insinuate he was! Again, the point was how UNBELIEVALBE such an accusation would be to ME... even from a child!

    Now, can we return to the topic? Which isn't about that WTBTS disfellowshipping works, in general, but why... WHEN IT DOES... it does. Why, when no one steps up and say, "Hey, wait, I KNOW this person and while they may have some questions, I KNOW they still love God/don't dance with the Devil/sacrifice their children to pagan gods!"

    Nevermind. Won't matter. No matter what topic I post on, there are those who are going to turn it into what they want others to think it is, use their "OMG, did you SEE what she wrote NOW?!" melarkey. Whatever. Do your thing. If that's the best you can do... do what you do.

    A doulos of Christ,

    SA... who is only misunderstood by those who either jump to take... and make... offense where none is intended, at all... or don't bother to ask what "may" have been meant.

    And no, C... I don't care what you think of me, because I can't. You have NEVER issued a decent word in my direction, that I'm aware of. At least, not in the past 2-3 years. Why in the WORLD would I care what you think of me... when you have SHOWN your contempt... long, long before you put it in words?

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Another AGuest thread soon to be locked? My guess is yes.

  • AGuest

    Prolly, dear DBC, prolly. Ah, well... what can you? You start a thread, someone asks you how you would handle something, you respond, someone disagrees, you explain why you would it such a way... and you;re still "mud." Held in contempt, even. Even so, I would still ask the child for more info... and I would still tell the perp he wasn't hiding from ME. 'Cause what you gonna do if the authorities conclude there isn't enough "evidence"? Oh, that's right - the authorities always have enough evidence.

    At least the perp will know I know... and that I'm watching him/her...

    A dolous of Christ,

    SA, shaking head sadly...

  • dazed but not confused

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