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  • jonno12225

    Hello all. So I have another visit from the elder this week. This time they want to speak with my wife, still a believer and myself. I think they want to know my position about my children attending the meetings and some other things.

    While preparing myself for it I though of a challenge for the elders and my wife. It revolves around the 'new light'TM about the GB.

    In my mind this is one of the biggest changes in witness theology for the past 30 years. Whole shelves of witness material is now classed, in their definition of the word, as apostate.

    Witnesses now have to believe in apostolic sucession, with this new light in mind, which the reasoning book specifically says is NOT A BIBLE TEACHING.

    My challenge is for them to find out how this new light came about. Was it a personal visitation, a dream, a vision?

    If they can show evidence for the positive as the burden of proof is with them it will show 3 things.

    1- The supernatural exists

    2- The god of the bible exists

    3- The god of the bible communicates with the governing body of Jehovahs Witnesses

    What do you think? Does it need refinement?

    I will ask this in with a humble attitude as I want to live by as many true things as possible. If they show positive evidence then I would know that Ineed to review my belief in the light of new evidence.

  • OnTheWayOut

    What do I think?

    They already acted as if the Governing Body was the slave, so the average elder won't care about how it changes things.

    They will accept that "the truth" became clearer to the GB through prayer and Biblical discussions and that, since the whole FDS thing is steeped in figurative language in the Bible, no clearer scriptural evidence is available.

    They were told within the last year to expect difficult things to come down the pipe. Well, they got it, so it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    The best thing to do is blow off meeting with elders. "I am fine. We'll call you if we need you. Good day."

  • konceptual99

    Hi Jonno

    whats your status? Have you just faded? If so then these questions will almost certainly get you marked as an apostate risk and the elders will seek to establish your view of the GB. They won't answer the questions that's for sure.

    There are dozens of questions I would love to hear my elders respond to but the reality is that they aren't interested in answering honest hearted questions.

  • kurtbethel

    It is a good idea to keep it simple.

    Start off with the idea of the people in 1919 being chosen as the faithful and discreet slave because of what they were teaching at the time. If that were so, aren't they all dead now? Doesn't the reasoning book say, concerning apostolic succession, that it is not a biblical teaching?

    Then get the elders to reconcile all this. Do not accept lengthy blathering non answers that THEY WILL GIVE YOU. Get them to harmonize that, which would be that the faithful and discreet slave are all dead now. Nothing else fits the story as laid out in Watchtower publications unless they falsify one of their assertions, such as the Reasoning book is false, or the slave was not chosen in 1919. Just stay on that and let them tie themselves in knots trying to explain it as you maintain your humble attitude of seeking the truth.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    what OTWO said. the elders won't even think about your question any further than looking it up in the index and coming back with some canned answer about waiting on jehovah or something along the lines. and your wife will sit there crying her eyes out because it's so difficult to serve jehovah with an unbelieving mate.

    drop the meeting. have dinner with your wife instead and try to make her understand your point of view in a calm manner without trying to impose it on her.

  • smiddy

    with this new light in mind, which the reasoning book specifically says is NOT A BIBLE TEACHING. ?

    Am I missing something here ? Witnesses now have to believe in apostolic sucession, ? How could I have missed this .!

    Can someone please explain this to me .? ( I am having trouble keeping up with this nu-lite )


  • jookbeard

    I'd be careful and TBH , and pass on meeting with them, they simply wont have any satisfactory answers on how this new light became available to the FDS, they will give the usual bog standard replies about Holy Spirit directing Gods Channel, plus they will be digging and making loaded questions to yourself which could end up with you facing JC on a charge of apostasy, either dont answer the door if they show up or call them to tell them I would prefer if meet another time my families spiritual needs are fine at the moment. They are not elders or shepherds but company men who get off on these ridiculous whitch hunts of honest hearted ones who may have genuine questions.

  • TheOldHippie

    There is no use asking "difficult" questions about the new understanding to the elders coming to you, they don't know anything more about it than what was published at In due time, articles will be published in the wt, and then they will have more to say - based on those articles. As will you. I mean - they are not "know-it-all's", they are not knowing more than other people able to read. All they can say is "we'll have to wait for the wt to give us details".

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    in fact i had a conversation about that new light when casually talking to an old friend of mine who happens to be an elder now. he completely denied it. he said nothing has changed.

  • l p
    l p


    like the others have said: Can the meeting - Do not go!

    Otherwise - they will get you on apostacy

    this will then lead to you being DF

    then your wife might leave you

    then you might not see any of your kids much anymore and your relationship with them will be damaged bec of the CULT

    PLLLEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE I beg you - Call them and cancel the meeting...just say we are fine at the moment Will call when we need your support. Thanks anyway...

    and then put extra effort into your relationship with your wife and family...

    keep us posted..

    all the best


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