Another visit from the elders

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  • maisha

    You definately treading on family breaking ground here.

    if ya want ya family gone continue....

    thats where it is going to lead you.

    remember they are pressuring your wife at the hall also. she probably doesnt tell you.

    when i was initially out they used to take my wife aside straight after the meetings (every meeting asking her what i was saying!),, private chats 1-1,, 2-1...etc.

    She was fairly strong but they would break her down into tears evry time.

    It was a deliberate ploy to destroy my family and seperate us,, IT WORKED!.

    They know exactly how to control you wife,,, especially if one of them has the hots for her.

    They WANT YOUR HEADSHIP as their own...

    Be very careful. Once you open up your home to them their presence is already inside your domain.

    if your wife cannot see whats hapening you are going down, it is just a matter of time.

    forget these fools and if you love your wife, and family concentrate on gaining her trust and love so that they cannot touch it.

    try reasoning with her,, something i didnt do.. i walked away... i could see nothing was going to change.

    she stil faithfully going and got a divorce - loosing your family hurts, it takes years to recover.

    DONT OPEN THAT DOOR UNLESS YOU WANT A BAD ENDING or you want to go back to them as a family.

    there is no other choices.

    good luck...

  • punkofnice

    Nothing you say will make the elders stop and say 'hey, you're right!' They have too much to lose even if they slightly suspect they're in a nutty cult.

    Don't have that meeting!! Just pretend to have contageous and unpredictably explosive bowel movements.

  • l p
    l p

    Punkofnice: LOL

  • snare&racket

    Why not say to them...

    "Look, things just don't add up anymore.... The bible tells us to test all things and be like the Boreans, Can you explain to me how Jesus' very simple explination of a FDS fits the new light?"

    The governing body now say that they alone, (Pastor Russell not included) are the described FDS by Jesus. But Jesus clearly describes the slave as being present before he went away, and on his return, that is what makes the slave faithful! Ask them when he returned? then ask when he went away? How could the FDS be someone that was according to new light, a body not formed until the mid 20th century? Also If his return was in 1914 whilst Russell was in charge how can Russell be so quickly discharged after all he did? It just doesnt make any sense! Where did this idea come from as it clearly does not fit the scripture!

    State that you are not meaning to be disrespectful, but being honest from your heart, then ask them if they agree that the gov body are fallible, made mistakes and got dates of events predictions wrong? When they say yes, immediatly ask to read Deut 18:20-22

    If you want to really push the boat out, ask if the distancing from Russell is simply embarrassment of info now easily available online, first hand proof of his beliefs in pyramidology, the selling of expensive miracle wheat from the WT resulting in papers calling him a conman (the paper won a court battle after he attempted to sue), the divorce to his wife or the embarassing comparisson of him being a jellyfish in that he flirted from woman to woman, including his under age maid, hence his wife filed for divorce. Hardly a faithful, discreet, slave.


    p.s. i dont belive in the bible. But i used a similar discussion with my PO to leave. I asked for scriptural admonition to intepret the bible through a 3rd party, one that had made mistakes, taught faleshoods and at the time owned the majority of stock in at least one military company. He could show me only one scripture "gathering yourselves together" as evidence for not intepreting the bible yourself. I explained that the JW's were formed by people gathering together to intepret the bible! Something now banned by WT. infact you are NOT ALLOWED to form secular biblemstudy groups as a JW. Clearly in opposition to scripture and logic. Truth will defend itself, it doesnt need ring-fencing. Lies however, they need a big fence!

  • snare&racket

    P.s. if you do decide to 'push the boat out' all those facts about russell are easily referenced. So when they say where did you read that/you hear that or who have you been talking to, you can just quote the actual source for the information.

    The pyramidology is from his publication ' Thy Kingdom Come' 1890 in a chapter called ' The Anglo-Israelitish Question' pages 309-376

    Selling miracle wheat - news article called "Miracle Wheat" March 22, 1911, The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

    Divorce (on grounds of mental cruelty and flirtatious behaviour) granted to Maria Russell. Court hearing penned in Brookly Daily News Oct 29 1911

    Russell never denied that SHE claimed this, he said he was innocently locked in the maids room, checking her pulse, with her sat on his knee. just called it part of the ecclesiastical war in heaven, though he and his wife were friends until death.

    If they start attacking you, ask them what scriptural grounds prevent you from examining the founder of the recent form of the religion and if anything WHY have they NOT read these also!?

  • Sulla

    Look, man. Either you believe the JWs are the one true church or you don't. The JWs are the one true church if and only if 1914 is true. If they are the one true church then they are allowed to change their teachings as they see fit, since they don't teach that their own teachings are inspired -- so they have always been subject to change.

    Pretty simple.

  • eyesropen323

    do what on the way out said.....dont go to the meeting. politely tell them you are fine and you will let them know if you need them. once you meet with hem thats when they get you. nothing you say will appease them unless you 100% submit. spend time with your wife and little by little talk with her. what bothers her in the org? that will be the only ay to get her to open her eyes.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Jonno --

    Even tho it's been said enough...........I'm gonna say it again: Do not meet with them.

    Did you get that? Go back and read all these replies again. Isn't that the prevailing message? DO NOT MEET WITH THEM!

    You are confusing them with someone who will give a shit about the torment you are having in dealing with this New Lite (not to mention TTATT). THEY DON"T CARE ABOUT YOU! Their job is to keep leaven out of the congregation. They will throw you under the bus.

    If your wife will admit that they are meeting with her or pressuring her when you are not present, then call them and tell them not only are you not going to meet with them, and it's because they are ignoring your headship over your wife, and they must NEVER meet with her again when you are not present.

    DO NOT MEET WITH THEM. From reading your post here, I don't think you are ready to have a one-on-one with them where you will not be the sacrifice. They shoot their wounded. One false (verbal) step and they'll DF you and feel good about doing to protect the flock.


  • gingerbread

    Before you agree to a meeting, please read the upcoming April WT - Study Edition. (available at These study articles define the organization and how your support of it's efforts and arrangements are necessary for your happiness and survival. A major shift in emphasis has begun within the congregations - to "assist" those with questions or doubts and are not as active as they once were. They want a confrontation. And will deal with you judicially. Even if the elders have been close friends, their job is to carry out the societies directives. If your wife (and her family) comes to the conclusion that your viewpoints are "endangering" her spiritually, she has grounds for separation - with full backing and support of the local elders.

  • 2+2=5

    Yes I agree with those saying don't meet. Do what is best for your marriage, only you will know what that is. If you feel you should meet, be very careful in what you say and how you say it. Record it even.

    Your questions are not going to matter to them. The only question that is going to matter is the one they will ask you, "do you believe Jehovah is directing this organization on earth today". If you say no, they will be looking for JC meeting for apostasy.

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