2+2=5 cited this fact about the shrinking amount of elders. Perhaps the coming implosion?

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    Haven't read all the above posts. Here's my opinion.

    The new elder arrangement was introduced in the early '70s. This changed the static 3 positions of Congregation (company) servant, Watchtower Study servant and Bible study servant.

    The number of elders was based on the available brothers who qualified. this might be 6 or 7 or whatever # of elders in a congregation. There were now 5 duty positions. The judicial committee was made up of 3 elders from the 5 positions and rotated one JC member per year.

    The qualifications to an elder were fairly stringent.

    Now that the large pool of "older men" has started to dry up, they are going to have to push ministerial servants to 'reach out' and this means lowering the original standards, such as they were. These younger men are going to be harder to handle and will ask more questions, etc.

    Just another problem for an organization that has gone past it's experation date.

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    I've only once been in a congregation that had 4 Elders. Many had one or 2. I was part of one that had none (I was acting P.O. tho a MS) and it borrowed one on occassion. Don't imagine that there is any crisis. The Catholics have been plodding along for decades with one priest.

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    Aussie Oz

    Marked to come back to later...

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I would surmise that the WT are fully aware of the slow death and are prepared for it.

    I can see at JW world where the growth of years past are replaced by decreases, not just odd ones here and there but marked globally noticable and not denied by the GB. In fact, used by the GB to keep themselves relevant.

    As numbers reverse and congregations are merged instead of split off and made to share halls, they will also have the obvious elder bleed. It would not be inconceivable for them to drop the current elder, MS arrangement with a bit of new light and go back to the old days of one person as congregation servant. One man in charge of each congregation, laying the law down exactly as issued down the line. Maybe even allowing sisiters to do a few things as they do in areas of very low male publishers.

    They are getting tighter and more culty than ever with the whole obey attitude. Losses are easy to pass off to the rank and file as being cleansed from the organization. Easy to tell the rank and file that the end is so close that there is no need for more congregations, it's time to bunker down and obey even more than ever, the preaching work is all but finished to 'jehovahs' satisfaction.

    I see smaller groups, tightly controlled by less men weilding greater power. The low pool of good men willing to be used will leave the bottom dwellers to rise as 'elders' to abuse the flock. Something that will no doubt suit the corrupt men at the top while they screw as much money as they can from the sheep to keep themselves in comfort.

    I see them becoming less relevant (is that possible?) than ever and becoming a quaint little fly under the radar high control group with meetings in gated conventions. One that people will by and large forget about as some annoying door knockers of days gone by.

    Not a pretty situation for those that remain in.


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    Love that description, aussie.


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  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Six posts with one click, that's a record for me!

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    District Overseers were told to ask various Circuits "How many men here who are not elders, are reaching out for it?" less than fifteen hands popped up. He try's again, "Who wants to become a elder here?" I think less hands popped up the second question. He get's cute the third time "Which sisters here would like their husbands to reach out and become a elder?" Over a hundred hands popped up by eager potential women, the Governing Body needs to appoint women to the position of elder if they are going to throw dirty questions out like this clown did.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    I thought using the women was a dirty trick, serves them right in ten different Circuits very few "potentials" raised their hands willing to yield to a great calling! :)

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