Expectation is not a false prohecy, Is the Watchtower Society in the clear ?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    cantleave: if you don't go along with their expectations you will be deemed weak. I remember prior to 1975, being told by a CO that I would never leave school My mother said that I should continue to study as if the end won't come, and he counselled her for showing lack of faith.

    Wouldn't you just love to call up that CO (who is prob dead) and bitch slap him over his silly ass statement!!


  • Terry

    The Governing Body puts itself forward as AUTHORITY by claiming to---what? Originate ideas and opinions? No! Claiming to CHANNEL true information.

    What source do they claim for their authority and "truth"? Is it a better education? No. It is being selected by God.

    What the GB expects has to be based on more than personal wishes and eagerness in order to be authentic god-originated communication from heaven!

    The Watchtower Society has always had leaders who originate communication which they publish.

    The track record of necessary "adjustments" has been explained without honesty as a gradual revelation.

    They compare this to a meal and one that is---importantly--at the PROPER TIME.

    The Armageddon is coming on THIS DATE message is consistently and totally WRONG .

    How is setting a date and getting it wrong qualified as either FOOD or, laughably, at the PROPER time??

    They fail.

    This failure is total.

    There is no excuse for repeating the same "expectations" wrongly and still demanding loyalty to their pronouncements!

    Total intellectual dishonesty pervades the religion.


    "Spirit : (4) Inspired utterances originating with an invisible source

    What is Holy Spirit ?

    Jesus also refer to the holy spirit as a " Helper", and he said that this helper would " teach " Bear witness " " speak " and " hear"_______Reasoning from the scriptures book page 380

    ' IF someone says:'

    " Do you have the holy spirit ( or the holy ghost ) ? "

    ' You might reply :' " Yes, and that is why I have come to your door today."

    ' Or you could say :' " That is what makes it possible for me to share in the christian ministry ." _______Reasoning from the scriptures book page 384

    What the world will see from this site, and JW FACTS and other sites like this

    Is that the WTS has a warped sense of "ReasoninGGG"

    How can any so called Christian claim to to be directed by holy spirit and not be inspired

    accordin' to their own definition

    You can't. Not without twisting logic, or being double-tongued. Really, the above statements in the Reasoning book are all lies, unless those statements are being applied only to " anointed " JW's. We can take it one step further. What group must all " domestics " whether anointed or not follow? What group is absolutely necessary if any " domestic are to understand the deep things of God? Why, the GB/FDS of course!

    So who then must have more Holy Spirit than any other group in all of human history. Who could have more Holy Spirit than the FDS, appointed in the Last days, by Christ himself!!?? 99.99% percent of JW's think that the GB/FDS have more Holy Spirit than they do. After all the scriptures were really only written for the anointed! The anointed that are trusted by Christ more than anyone in the entire history of the planet are the GB/FDS!

    You are either led by Holy Spirit or you are not. You are either a prophet, or you are not. You are speaking for God, or you are not. You are chosen as the one true channel, or you are not. There isn't an un-inspired, spirit-directed collective of fallible mouthpieces of God that deserve unquestioning loyalty and obedience to their ideas.

    Terry said, " Total intellectual dishonesty pervades the religion ."

    Let's not forget this great, but brief thread: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/243466/1/WT-quote-with-Harold-Camping-and-Family-Radio-inserted-makes-sense

    Isn't there a recent WT magazine stating that many have made failed predictions? Then it goes on to say that they were missing the full measure of God's Holy Spirit? LOL!!!!!

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