Expectation is not a false prohecy, Is the Watchtower Society in the clear ?

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  • jookbeard

    they cant get out it so easily unfortunately, why do they DF for apostasy any that disagree with their "expectations"?

  • Pterist

    Masters of "power of suggestion" and subliminal messages in their "pure language" aka Orwellianism !

  • prologos

    re: sailing tacking goals, techniques, reasons of HMS ORG:

    In the sailing illustrations, as used, the change of course, direction, was used to picture change of doctrine, prophetic date (s), even the back t(r)acking on the Superior Authority teachings for example.

    In tacking toward a goal, the crew normally never changes heading because they have been made aware# that they are on the WRONG course, MISREAD the charts, exposing themselfs to ridicule, heading for the shoals, endangering the lives* of the crew, passengers and onlookers on shore. no,

    tacking is PlANNED and carefully done to advance to the finish line USING the prevailing wind.

    To suggest that the record of doctrinal direction changes were a planned, well executes way to use the sponsors' and contributors' resources, energies, time only serves to expose the weakness in the attangement. Maritime history is replete with examples of the consequences of unwillingness to listen to valid counsel. Strong Bows bowing to better beliefs.

    Of course we are all in a learning process and no one wants to belittle the the work of the crew, even while the ship was heading the wrong way most of the time. ( even while making a full turn you are heading the right way for a millisecond).

    Yes we will learn all the outcome of our journey. This forum the net in general will serve its purpose in that. Discussion, not imposed doctrines were the driving force in the start of Christianity. Sadly that lessons was not learned by you. yet. respectfully thank you and blessings.

    *perceived ETERNAL lives even. #made aware by letters to the editor, apostate critiques. worldy autors, babylon the great teachings.

    False doctrines kill, always have.

  • prologos

    re: tacking to correct false heading: If you have dissenting crew keel-hauled, and find bodies floating in the wake (disfellowshipped for pointing out the mistaken course) you know things are wrong somewhere and need major changes, not just fine tuning the sail trim.

    Not to mix metaphors, but if the FDS is the captain, does he have in the sriptures a dual personality ?

  • wannabefree

    This reasoning from the "Reasoning Book" really drives me nuts on this, how can you even compare what the Watch Tower has done with the scriptures cited?

    *** rs p. 136 False Prophets ***
    Have not Jehovah's Witnesses made errors in their teachings?
    Jehovah's Witnesses do not claim to be inspired prophets. They have made mistakes. Like the apostles of Jesus Christ, they have at times had some wrong expectations.-Luke 19:11; Acts 1:6.

    Having a wrong expectation and spreading falsehoods that must be accepted as the truth ... not the same thing genius.

  • wasblind

    Hello Wannabefree

    It can't be compared. In the scriptures cited, The Apostles only questioned and imagined about the Kingdom at that time

    Jesus was in thier direct presence each of these times

    Therefore they had no reason to go about teachin' the wrong things

    And later, Jesus said they would be directed by holy spirit which gave them inspiration

    to teach only the truth. That is why there were no errors in what they taught that needed to be adjusted

    Jehovah's Witnesses don't claim inspiration from the Holy Spirit

    Why? Because if they did it would seal their fate on record as certified FALSE PROPHETS

    The WTS also try to compare themselves to Nathan the prophet

    who unlike Hananiah was not destroyed . That won't fly either.

    Why ? Nathan only gave an opinion, he never said what he told David, was from Jehovah



  • wasblind

    "Spirit : (4) Inspired utterances originating with an invisible source

    What is Holy Spirit ?

    Jesus also refer to the holy spirit as a " Helper", and he said that this helper would " teach " Bear witness " " speak " and " hear"_______Reasoning from the scriptures book page 380

    ' IF someone says:'

    " Do you have the holy spirit ( or the holy ghost ) ? "

    ' You might reply :' " Yes, and that is why I have come to your door today."

    ' Or you could say :' " That is what makes it possible for me to share in the christian ministry ." _______Reasoning from the scriptures book page 384

    What the world will see from this site, and JW FACTS and other sites like this

    Is that the WTS has a warped sense of "ReasoninGGG"

    How can any so called Christian claim to to be directed by holy spirit and not be inspired

    accordin' to their own definition



  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    It's evident that their literature condemns them.

    But it's the truth!! LOL


  • SAHS

    Ucantnome:" The way I understand it is that Ezekiel had to lie on his side. This was a certain amount of days and then destruction came on Jerusalem.

    Their days were numbered.

    If this had failed then Ezekiel would have been a false prophet. It didn't. "

    And the Governing Body has been constantly known to lie on both sides of its mouth for quite a number of days, to their own destruction of its reputation, and proving all along that it is, in fact, a false prophet. [insert emoticon of a clown here]

  • Finkelstein

    They are so consumed to hide their Many false teachings they are actually lying about them particularly of what the WTS.

    preached by C T Russell prior to 1914.

    And I guess they have to if they are to uphold that self purposed image that god had specially chosen them for their truthful

    bible interpretations. There are many avenues of commercialism along with inherent corruption within the Watchtower Corporation.

    You really don't get to become a GB member unless you are good at Bullshitting in this organization and thats the solemn "Truth"

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