US Entitlement Programs At Glance

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  • mP

    Yes lets not help the unfortunte in society and spend trillions bombing other countries. The benefit of the bombing is even more of the world can now hate the US. ALl those orphans and their relatives now have hate the US and if only one makes the trip we have a terrorist. Isnt this grand ?

  • peacefulpete

    I have friends of all stripes mind you but I never have understood why it is considered by some to be appropriate for a government to use taxes for killing but not for feeding and educating. In my ideal world, governments serve the needs of people that they collectively (or at least majority) wish to have served. I totally respect democratic nations that offer social programs that free the people from undue concerns, why would anyone properly informed not respect that? There was an article in the Economist or some such magazine at the doctor's office that laid out how a choice of any half dozen minor adjustments would make SS continue in the black through this aging baby boomer period ahead. It is so simple a fix that its rather shameful for anyone to resort to fear mongering and threatening to reduce benefits to balance the projected shortfall.

    Our unemployment insurance is an imperfect plan but without it literally millions of Americans would have lost their homes. There does need to be greater spending on training and education, the very programs that usually are the first to be cut. I'd also like to see something akin to the Civilian Conservation Corps reinstituted for those able bodied, it did wonders for the psychology of those unemployed young men and it benefitted the Nation to this day.

  • Tater-T

    of that trillion .. how much went entitled corporate interest..

  • Scott77


  • Scott77

    CODB. Get over it.

    OMG! How much I love that statement. Thank you BizzyBee for saying it


  • MinisterAmos

    The US has a history of long-running entitlement programs that assist the wealthiest segment of society.

    As a matter of fact, the majority of the nation's wealthiest families started their fortunes with Gov't entitlement programs like The Homestead Act. By design only whites qualified.

    Many of the wealthiest Texas families resulted from just breathing and not getting so drunk that they gave away the farm. Under the Constitution of 1836 all heads of families living in Texas on March 4, 1836, except Africans and Indians, were granted "first class" headrights of one league and one labor (4,605.5 acres), and single men aged seventeen years or older, one-third of a league (1,476.1 acres)

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