Witness wants to come and vist. What to do?

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  • jookbeard

    keep it brief and to the point if you decide to meet with her, and me personally would not be able to resist in hitting her with a few major points that clearly prove that the religion she speaks about as being the "truth" is nothing more then a dangerous religious cult with over a century of failed and false predictions, held membership to the UN and lied about it, covers up dreadful child abuses issues , and fulfills the apostasy that the very magazines she leaves with you that accuse the so called Churches of Christendom about, lastly tell her the public need to be made aware of the dangers of your cult which in all the years I've known you have failed to do so.

  • mP

    I saw some JW the other day for the first time in god knows how many years. I asked them if they believe in Jesus and accepted his word as an authority on all matters. I then asked them why they dont follow the Torah as Jesus says in Mat 5:16~ that it is perfect and will last forever.

    They pointed me at i think it was Eph where Paul says the law is over. I responded and said i dont listen to a guy who doesnt help slaves run away and does not condemn the slave master in Philemon. I then asked them to show me a single Scripture from Paul that shows Paul knew Jesus. I asked for any Jesus earthly travels and ministry. Anything about Mary, Bethlehem, miracles, disciples, Pontius Pilate, crucification. THey couldnt and they told me that everybody already knew about Jesus live. I then said if everybody knew everything then why was Paul witnessing at all ? I asked them why Jesus was supporting and saying the Torah was perfect ? How could he be so pathetic and blind with laws like the raping of virgins, slavery and others. I told them they should be practicing the Torah as Jesus made it quite clear that he never abolished it and Pauls opnion doesnt count because for all we know he could have been making up his vision story especially considering he knew and wrote nothing about Jesus life. And considering Pauls morality or lack there of he is hardly a beacon we should respect at all but rather a supersitious, pathetic man of the times.

    No response. They promised to come back in a week somehow i doubt i will hear from them.

  • Balaamsass

    Most bible studies quit. She is used to it. If she wanted to come over and discuss your concerns AFTER she reads JW Facts, and Watchtower documents.....perhaps. Tell her you wish to be open minded. Ask her "doesn't the watchtower society say it is wise to examine your religion" ?

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Don't get sucked in any further.

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