Meetings to Continue forever! Another reason you DON'T want to live in the NEW ORDER

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  • Aware!

    I don't see any tablets or eyephones. Imagine mandatory daily virtual meetings from Mother!

    New Light!

  • mariu

    I've been looking at the latest images in Watchtower literature, and it seems that most of these "happy" and "joyfull" people are more and more ethnic-type (pardon the idiotic term) characters. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the fastest growing group of JWs in this country are the immigrant population.

    I don't really think it's so much about immigrants in "this country" (which? ;-)) but rather that these days, the JWs in general are only growing significantly in places like South America, Asia, and perhaps a little in Africa.

    On the other hand, one of my pet theories is that the JWs are successful in these areas because they strongly represent something like an idealised "Western" middle class, with your own little house in the suburbs, a car, and suits and ties and briefcases, busily going to meetings in neat little kingdom halls with stages and microphones and a lot of order and structure and a "businesslike" feel. I think that's a pretty attractive image for poor people in developing countries, at least to some.

  • Larsinger58

    Everyone will be like the "angels", meaning neither male nor female. There will be no "marriage" and no new "children" but that doesn't mean no sex. Remember, angels like having sex too!

    So imagine this. Say 4 billion people on the planet. What to do? Well, certainly before anyone gets bored, you'd want to meet every other person on the planet. In fact, why not have them as a room mate for one year during which time you become "intimate"?

    Then think of all the locations on the planet. I don't think there will be more dwellings than actual people. But lets say, designed for at least two, there will be 2 billion homes. And just let's say a computer program matched you with every other human, every other year in a new location. Every other year you'd have time to do whatever you wanted. That process alone for the first cycle would take 8 BILLION YEARS! In the process, you would have lived in every single location and every single dwelling on the entire planet, from Africa to Australia, from Antartica to Alaska! By the end of 8 billion years you will have gotten to know and have sex with every other person on the planet.

    Can you imagine how many years it would take just to answer your e-mails? Of course, by then, e-mails will be telepathic. Maybe?

    Then there is the issue of DRUGS. Poppies and coca leaves are "natural" substances, after all. As you can see, suddenly, there just isn't enough time to do everything you want to do. Then, after 8 billion years, you will want to do THAT again!

    That's just one concept. Who knows what God has in store for us?

    Plus, what about space travel? An angel can travel from one end of the universe to the other in a short span of time. Maybe the angels will come down and envelop humans in some protective force field and transport them to different favorite sghts throughout the universe! No one needs to use antiquated space ships. Or maybe traveling throughout the universe can be done right in your own virtual reality living room! Maybe communications will be so advanced, you can EXPERIENCE what others now only try to describe! Maybe no one will read anything any more, we'll just download a novel into our memory! That's where a story we read ends up anyway, right? Our memory?

    Just thinking outside the box a bit.

  • Tameria2001

    Nah, I’ll pass on their type of paradise. Growing up in the JW world this was how my mother would explain it to me. First after Armageddon, different groups would be assigned to clean up different things. She was mainly thinking about all the dead bodies lying about, and when I saw the Steven King movie The Stand, it reminded me about what she would tell me. But even better while out in field service, I would see this massive pile of scrap metal, and in my wildest dreams I was thinking what if I got stuck with THAT, I would not even have a clue on how to deal with it. I also got to thinking about what about the toxic and nuclear stuff that would just melt our skin.

    Then my mother went on to say that those who survived in the new system would be assigned different jobs. Certain people would have to bake a bunch of pies, while others would be in charge of making clothes. I then asked her about the meetings, and she told me, oh yes those would continue. I then asked her why, the meetings now have to deal with field service related stuff, and Armageddon. Then she would remind me about all those who will be resurrected, so field service would not end. I told her, “OK, but what about after that?” She did not have an answer for that, but she did say that even after the final judgment is over if anyone got out of line, then they would just be zapped (not her words, but close and less graphic). So in my mind even though a person proved faithful during two judgment periods, they could still be killed off if someone decided that they were not worthy. The more I thought about that and all the other crap that came out of their mouths, and teachings I knew that was one paradise I did not want.

    To me that was not paradise but more like slavery, under another tyrannical government or group of men deciding what is best for them (yes I said them, and not us), sitting on top on the backs of its slaves. Thank you, but no thank you.

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