Meetings to Continue forever! Another reason you DON'T want to live in the NEW ORDER

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  • CADSkin

    Turns out paradise is 80 hours a week never having to write “Not Interested”. I’m down with the ponchos though.

  • blondie

    No more service meeting (no searching, anyone worthy will be there), no more d2d or one on one bible studies (after resurrected done). I remember a speaker doing the math that it would not take long. Perhaps there will be talks like at Bethel, "How to Flush Thoroughly."

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Maybe they're actually pointing and laughing at "old light".

  • sir82

    All this has been brought out before bazillions of times on threads like these, but....

    Where in the drawing is the paper mill that produces the paper for the books they are studying?

    Where is the refinery which produces the gasoline which powers the trucks which leave the printing factories which produce the books?

    Where is the power plant producing the electricity for all of the above?

    And how come these guys get to sit on a nice patio looking at waterfalls, while some other poor schleps are working their 40 hour week printing, driving, running the power plant, etc.?

    Wait, I know - it's all mule-powered!

  • blondie

    I did that once asked how electricity in this area could be one knew how the plants work, they are coal driven which has to be brought here by train, it takes 500 people (educated) to run the plant, someone has to dig the coal, gas has to run the coal digging machines.........jws eyes just glaze over and their brains turn off. Few people today have any idea how their food is made, transported, etc.

  • LongHairGal


    I am sure there is a dark side to their "paradise"! You'd never really be free!


    Your point is well made. There has to be technology even for just the smallest of mundane things. Of course, the fools in the religion haven't thought that out.

    Sorry, but their "paradise" teaching had too many holes in it as far as I was concerned!

  • cofty
  • BluesBrother

    At least they get to meet in the open air, sunshine and in comfortable dress with no neck-tie. Just got to hope that the big bird does not crap on their Watchtowers!

    Anyway, in a new world, this is an hour off from digging and ploughing and whatever else hard labour they have to do....


    Don't forget that if you misbehave you will be instantly disintergrated!

    Don't want to comment? undefined

    Don't want to dig? undefined

    Don't want to play the guitar and sing ' EVER LOYAL ' while on the beach wearing pants, a polo, and a braided leather belt, ALL THE WHILE KNOWING YOU CAN NEVER PROCREATE AGAIN?!



    Cofty!! LOL!! Hilarious!!!!!!!!

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