This is just plain CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • wasblind

    " Jehovah's Witnesses were not in the concentration camps because they were criminals.

    When officers wanted someone to shave them, they trusted a Witness with the razor, because they knew that no Witness would ever use such an instrument as a weapon to harm another human.

    When SS officers at the Auschwits extermination camp needed someone to clean their homes or care for their children, they selected Witnesses, because they knew these would not try to escape.

    When the Sachsenhausen camp was being evacuated at the end of the war, the gaurds positioned a wagon on which they had their loot in the midst of a column of Witnesses, Why ? Because they knew that the Witnesses would not steal from them."_________Proclaimers of God's Kingdom book page 663

    " The Witnesses kept right on preaching that God's Kingdom is mankinds only hope, and they did it there in the concentration camps!"______Proclaimers fo God' Kingdom book page 664

    As we all know , it was the Allied forces that arrived, because as of today many are still waitin' on the kingdom

    " Despite all the efforts of their persecutors to prevent it , material for bible study reached the Witnesses concealed in gift packets from outside'

    or by other means when they were on work assignments outside the camps."__________Proclaimers of God's kingdom Book Page 664

    Instead of usin' these avenues to try and get help,

    these brain washed Witnesses use it to obtain WT literature

    so they could convince others to Wait on the Kingdom

    instead of the Allied forces

  • moshe

    Good catch

    -and it was that WT/Russellite turncoat, General Eisenshower that freed most of those JWs in concentration camps. Imagine that, Jehovah used a general who had specifically rejected the teachings of these JWs 30 years before that. WT history should remember Eisenhower.

  • Emery

    Well that sounds nice and I am sure the Witnesses were viewed as harmless but are there any references or quotes by anyone to confirm these statements in the Proclaimers book?

    I agree with ya wasblind, soldiers from apostate christendom were the ones who rescued the witnesses. They should be greatful of that fact that millions have lost their of livess for the freedom they excerise today...Hitler wouldn't have been so nice about it had the Nazis won.

  • wasblind

    Hey Moshe,

    On JWFACTS I read where the WTS trynna get paid for the Witnesses who died in the camps

    ain't that some bull !!!!

  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    Those Nazi stories always irritate me to no end. NO ONE deserved to be in those camps, but the organization uses those people they served up on a platter as pariahs and treats them almost like saints. Also, there were MANY MANY other people who were in there that were there as consciencious objectors - lots of Catholics, etc.......I have emailed several historians/professors whose books I have read to discuss this fact with them. Surely, the JW's who died at the hands at the Nazi's were sad and tragic - but so were all the other deaths. Many wonderful, innocent human beings were victims.

    Once again, the organization tries to present JW's as the ONLY people in those camps with any integrity.

    Its a disgrace.

    Here is a recent experience I read of a Jewish man who survived:

    Mittelman recalled a night in 1944 when he and fellow prisoners were watching flames shoot out of the crematorium, discussing their fate. One man shocked the others by saying he was happy at Auschwitz. "I am happy because if I wouldn't be happy I would still be in Auschwitz," the man explained.

    That is a powerful example of perspective. From a Jew.

  • civicsi00

    When statements like these are printed, no JW ever thinks to question the source.

  • DavePerez

    Just goes to show the treachery of JWs, duping the poor Nazi guards, lulling them into a false sense of security and allowing them to place their trust in them (by not tying to escape, not stealing, etc), only to betray that trust by sneaking publications ino the camps!

    PS you learn something new every day: I did not know people on the outside COULD send gift baskets to those in Nazi concentration camps! Huh! It kinda makes sense, as a nice basket of fruit and flowers (with a WT hidden in there) could really brighten their day! :)

    The Proclaimers book seems to think of it as if it were a hospital or convalescent home, not a concentration camp.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I was thinking the same thing about the gift baskets.

    How nice of Jehovah to override the human survival instinct and have the JWs desperate for literature to be sent and not food!

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    " Jehovah's Witnesses were not in the concentration camps because they were criminals


    No, the Witnesses chose to be there. They were given a choice. They could sign a paper saying they renounced Jehovah and be set free. (And then they could have just asked JHVH for forgiveness and served him anyway.)

    Was any other group given that opportunity? The Jews? The gypsies? The gays? the mentally ill? The Communists?


    I can't recall who, but there was a very high ranking Nazi (or the Dr. of a high ranked Nazi?) who assisted the JW's with smuggling literature.

  • DavePerez

    Lol, cult classic!

    Seems the author got greedy and had to go big, not content to rely on the typical plot device of prisoners smuggling contraband in via the laundry, or even the infamous "prison wallet" (and if any of you don't know what that is, trust me: you do NOT want to! It would suffice to say that it would make reading the pub a smellier experience than it already is, and would probably cause some ink to run on the paper).

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