Pedos - Hardwired?

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  • fakesmile

    and that doesnt change the bible verse which says to take as slaves the girls who have not known a man. which include very very young girls.

  • Satanus

    In some ways, we are always kids. Our toys just get more expensive and complicated.


  • Vidqun

    An interesting fact I have picked up in articles on the subject, in most cases alcohol and drugs plays a role (especially in my part of the world). It dulls the senses and the desire of the person to maintain the natural order of things. Then I believe one should distinguish between pedophiles (lit. lovers of children) and predators (those who prey on children). I don't know whether these are distinguished in the literature. The one loves children, and would want to protect them. But as we know, love can quickly turn into perversion. When a person is emotionally underdeveloped, he/she would be drawn to a child, for no fault of their own. This group might have a measure of control. If a person really loves a child then he would do all in his power to protect the child. However, the predator, like a psychopath or serial killers, cannot help themselves. These, like wild animals, have an overwhelming urge to prey on children, with no regard for the welfare of the child. These would conveniently kill the child so that they cannot be identified. My five cents....

  • prologos

    satanus, here is just an observation. In prosecution of sex crimes committed against under-age female victims in that french speaking province, the proviso is: a " under-age female who is NOT HIS WIFE"(or husband?) for the legal age there/here is/was 12 years. so the law (which is an ass) discriminates against singles. It seems the framers did not see the issue we see today . Song of Salomon 8:8 shows the shulamite at pre-puberty development yet requiring protection from the ilk of salomom et al.

    perhaps some adults ( and there have been convictions of female sex pedo offenders too) never get over, and return to, the strong emotions of their mutual child-hood dalliances.

    It is good that the issue has been brought into the open and children will be safer. All humane measures chould be taken to remove the threat to the innocent young. There have of course been cases of grave miscarriage of justice, witch hunts and of false memories generated in willing young pranksters.

    Some scenes described in the NT could easily get the wrong person labelled as a pedo-phile, but certainly not as a sexual predator. there is a difference.

    keep everyone safe.

  • PSacramento

    It must be noted that pedophila is something that is viewed as wrong and unaccetable NOW and in THIS society, but that was not always the case and still isn't in some places.

    And while I agree there is a big difference between homosexuality and pedophila, we must acknowledge that the difference is one of morals more than anything else and that is even more the case if it is proven that both are hardwired ie: a person is born that way.

    Of course that brings us to the issue of how to view both behaviours since both are techinally "deviant" ( other than the norm).

    The key issue is one of consent and appropriate age and development and in that regard, we get a broader range based on societies and cultures ( and example if the different age of consent all over the world and even within a specific country at times).

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    pedophilia is well defined and it's NOT about having sex with persons of age 14+, no matter if it's legal or illegal in a certain country. it's a sexual interest in prepubescent children. a 16 year old can be a pedophile. but you're not a pedophile for having a sexual interest in a 16 year old, you may be a pig or an asshole or a sick dirty bastard, but not a pedo.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    There isn't really any rehabilitation for a pedo. There isn't really any rehabilitation for a serial murderer. So then if they are hard-wired and have no control over their actions, is it their fault? They cannot control their urges. And would anyone think it's about lust and not control, the same as a person who rapes adults.

    The thing is that castration does not change the hard-wire of the brain(and it can be reversed!). The pedo fantasizes and relives his conquests even without the use of his sexual organs same as a serial killer will relive his conquests.

    So, how 'bout lobotomies for the pedos and serial killers? Well the ACLU doesn't even like the idea of chemical castration for pedos. They want to protect rights. That's great. What about the children?

  • prologos

    rip van winkle: yes, chemical castration can be reversed. In europe some years back a man that had undergone the procedure(s) had a doctore nullefy the drug effects and promptly offended again. The parent of the child smuggled a gun into the court room and blew the criminal away.

    sexual predators should be permanently sequestered from society. wether its lust or mind-driven matters not.

    we pay taxes to be protected from crime , not to have the police arrive half an hour later with a sharpened pencil and note pad.

  • truthlover

    In our area, a pervert/pedophile was released, he took residence across the street from elementary school, the police told the school principal but nothing was told to the parents and right now, there is hell to pay and a lot of questions being asked

    Why aren't these guys wearing GPS systems, even if they have done their time? If they refuse to be re habilitated, are chronic offenders and the inmates have not been able to "sway" the offender, they should be tracked forever - but then it all costs money, doesn't it? Excuses, excuses - there are some big islands off the coast, why not quarantine them to there and they can molest each other and leave kids alone - only have a boat deliver food/goods every two weeks, just a dream!

    They cannot be "fixed" their brain is wired and NEVER should they be a part of general population again.

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