Some advice please?

by Wonka 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • sizemik
    wear some tight pants and ask her many questions, her mind will eventually wander off . . . . allcool

    allcool really knows his stuff. Very experienced man.

    Be honest and honour the invitation. Tell her it's not for you. If she bolts, say goodbye to a waste of time. If not, go dbnc's route and good luck.

  • Cagefighter

    Make a move on her...see what happens. Don't get your hopes up for anything long term. Even if she "does" you she will run away in guilt and never speak to you again. It's a cult dude, but everyone wants a little "wonka wonka" every once in a while. She is so mind f*cked, it will be years if ever before she realizes what is up.

  • Satanus

    She prolly has the hots for you, but needs to convert and marry you, fore youse can get it on. There's the nutshell version. Many complications seem in store for you, and her. Good luck.


  • EntirelyPossible

    This may sound crazy, but have you tried an honest conversation, like telling her how you feel? Telling her that there are a lot of inconsistencies in the religion that bother you and maybe IT isn't for you but that you are interested in her as a person?

  • Cagefighter

    Entirely....If there is one thing I have found... NEVER, EVER, EVER, be "honest" with women. Especially when you are pursuing one!

  • Pyramid Scheme
    Pyramid Scheme

    Hi Wonka,

    Those videos open up a tremendous amount of discussion opportunities.

    Its completely whitewashed garbage - if you do just a brief search on the board, watch them on Youtube and take notes, you could have lots of opportunity to get her to think. You are in the enviable postion of being able to ask whatever you want about the religion and do the hardcore examiniation of it that JW's are not able to do, based on being conditioned that way.

    You might be able to play it as "Hey, I'll watch the videos and write down some points I found interesting".........

    If Russell founded the faith, why are his teachings no longer taught? Where did Russell get his dates from? If Russell was teaching "truth", why would a JW be disfellowshipped for teaching those things today? ........Or, even better when it comes to Rutherford - you could have a field day. They present him in those videos as a fiery champion of truth, when in fact he was a power hungry nut whose writings were so full of incoherent babble - no JW i know has read "the Finished Mystery" should check it out, since in the video its presented as a expose on religion and government that shook the world to its core! The reality? You have to read it to believe it!!!

    It sounds like she is interested in you. For a single JW woman to stop by your house "unchaperoned"....that is definitely walking the fine line. Not to sound corny, but if love does develop, it can cut through the BS of the Watchtower. Yes, there may be bumps in the road, but you can say that about any relationship these days, regardless of religious beliefs. Who knows, maybe she is at a spiritual crossroad in her life, and wants out of the circus, but is just doing what she has been trained to do.........its hard to crawl inside the mind and motives of a JW, as they are deeply influenced by the organization and its dictates.

    Best wishes for whatever you decide!

  • flamegrilled
    If you 2 are over 21 get her a little tipsy and hit it.

    dbnc - this is wrong by any standard of decency. There's a very fine line between what you are suggesting and 'date rape'. Who defines 'a little tipsy'?

    Wonka - Whatever you do just work within the bounds of common human kindness. Even aside from the idea of delibrately setting someone up for the trauma of the JW judicial process, how do you want her to feel after this? Don't play with fire. Just talk over your honest feelings and research and see what happens. If you like her you will do the right thing.

  • mrsjones5

    Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

    But seriously, if I was a guy I wouldn't touch that snatch with a ten foot pole. But some folks like the drama.

  • mouthy

    I would directly ask her. If 1914 is a definate date... If she says Yes!!! as she should. Then tell her of the thousands of
    families that are split up because the WT says those who didnt accept it( that date) are evil. So they mustnt talk to us.
    Tell them of me! the 85 year old woman whos daughter ,grandkids,greatgrandkids,MUST HAVE NOTHING to do with me
    because I admitted I didnt believe that date.So here I am in my old age, alone,after bringing them up in love!!!!!!

  • jgnat

    I am with Satanus and mrsjones on this one. I think she wants her cake and eat it, too.

    Sure, watch the videos. Let her know what you think of them. Me, I'd have trouble staying awake through them. Self-aggrandizing claptrap. Ask her if she would watch a video for you, too, like perhaps The Gods Must be Crazy. I bet she won't.

    This is one of the great paradoxes of a mixed relationship like this. You are free to join but she's not free to look outside her box.

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