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  • Wonka

    A friend of mine I'm in lust with, has been trying to convert / recruit me. She's been very pleasant with me and very patient with me. She hasn't been very pushy which I appreciate.

    She's even said that if at anytime I'm getting smothered or feel this religion isn't my thing, to say so and she will stop asking about it. But I get the impression once I say "it's not for me," she will bolt.

    I've been asking question's that are what I would consider question's that would get her to think about some things on her own. Question's that would hopefully get her to rethink certain beliefs. But I know that's wishful thinking.

    Tonight, she came "alone" to my home, which I thought was a no-no for a single JW woman, and gave me 3 DVDs.

    1 ) Jehovah's Witness FAITH IN ACTION Part 1: Out of Darkness

    2 ) Jehovah's Witness FAITH IN ACTION Part 2: Let the Light Shine

    3 ) Jehovah's Witnesses Organized to share the Good News.

    I've not watched them yet, but feel I owe her that much. Or do I ? I'm grounded in my beliefs and faith, and have also learned so much here from all of you.

    I guess my question to you all is... Is there anything I could say that would make her think or question this religion? Or better stated; what are or were some major thing's within this faith that made some of you realize this wasn't for you?

    I'm just confused... And don't want to loose what little we have. But have also accepted that this is all just wishful thinking that she will come out of this mind set.

    Any advice? Tips? And please, feel free to slap me in the face as this could be helpful too.


  • Iamallcool

    wear some tight pants and ask her many questions, her mind will eventually wander off .

  • Honeybucket

    take notes on the movies, then research the real "truth". with russel being into pymidology and then present her with it. If she is anything like my hubby, she will have no idea about the real history of JW's

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    I dont know your story but if shes a baptized JW and your not, she seems to already looking for you or someone to pull her out. Its a big no no for any baptized JW to date or be alone with nonJW's. It sounds like shes already questioning her faith. If you 2 are over 21 get her a little tipsy and hit it. She probably wants a bad boy anyway. Most do even if they wont admit it. It doesnt sound like it would take much to pull her out of the cult. I would recomend trying not to talk much about any religion, keep it light and sweep her off her feet...that is if you really like her. Good luck

  • prologos

    take dazed but not confused's advice and let her experience the full force of a DF procedure. that will open her eyes. debating doctrines wont do, its all about feeling and you have her feeling the right way! then again, she might be trying to get her hours of FS up in the most pleasent way.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    And never forget there are plenty of fish in the sea!

    And if prologos is right..... RUN!

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    I would run if I were you. Even if you did pull her out, guilt could suck her right back in.


  • NeverKnew


    For whatever it's worth, I keep demonstrating more knowledge than he has with respect to his own religion. The word Jehovah being created by a Catholic Monk as described in his own book HE owned... I think he got sick of it and his head is now completely into the Proclaimer's Book. I'm now reading about the discrepancies in that book to ask him about as he goes along.

    He's feeling enlightened right now. He now KNOWS that the Society falsely originally proclaimed 1914 as the Big "A." I smiled and shook my head and said, "gee... and to think... that's the SAME prediction that was made in the 1870's with the SAME result! That blew me away too!!!!!!"

    He looked kinda like.... ---> cleared his throat and said, "I didn't get to that part yet."

    I'll say a prayer for ya over there... think of me as well.

  • Wonka

    Iamallcool Thank you, I may do that. But I may start talking in a high pitched voice. That wouldn't turn anyone on.

    Honeybucket I like that idea about pyramidology. If they mention it in this dvd set, I will definitely bring this up. Even if they don't I will still bring this up.

    dazed but not confused I like your thinking. lol I think you may be right about her wanting someone to pull her out. She's said she's left the Org. once before and her life was a mess when she did. So she went back in wanting to do it G*d's way. I respect her for it of course, just wish I was around when she had left it before. = (

    prologos That's what concerns me and why I'm confused. Giving me big hugs one minute, then doing her best to recruit then next. So frustrating it makes me want to punch a baby monkey!!

    zed is dead Something is telling me to stick around and continue on this footing for as long as I can. Been praying about this allot. Even praying to Thor himself! Kidding..! I just need to let this play out. I've accepted this may go nowhere, but I want to see this to the end. Because I'm learning allot with this, and she may also learn a lesson.

    NeverKnew Check your PM.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Dearest Wonka,

    This is a tough one. Not easy for either one of you. My heart goes out to you both.

    I was in love with a worldly man, once, a long time ago. Would I have had a better life with him, than the Elder I married? Of course. Would my children have had a better father, if I married the worldly man, yes. Would I do it. No. I was trained to want an elder. Sounds stupid, now.

    The wife, he married, he has a great partnership with. They both, with their children, have had fulfilling lives. They lived and loved, now. They didn't put life on the back burner, like we are brain washed to believe. Serve God now, live your life a dumb campaign slogan.

    Just saying, Just Lois

    PS I was a born in. Times have changed. You might have a chance.

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