Yesterday Grandpa died a faithful JW.... or was he.

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  • cyberjesus

    Yesterday at 3 am my Grandfather.. 95 more or less... passed away after a heart attack... I got the call at 8 am. So I am the oldest grandson (out of 40) he was faithful, (thats what they want to say) reality is he wasnt, he cursed, he drank, he had plenty of women during his life.. he was an elder at some point and he was ultra good with everyone. He had a heart of gold... he treated me as his son, he never cared about my status. I always loved him dearly. He died poor because he always gave away what he had.

    So I went to his house yesterday.. filled with dubs... repeating the same canned words over and over... We will see him again... blah blah.

    I was smiling. I was happy... not because he passed away.. but because i loved him and made sure i told him over and over every time i saw him. I always told him "Grandpa, in case I wont see you again it was a pleasure meeting you".

    So here I am in the middle of family and Jdubs..... sitting on a recliner.. listening... to people. I realized that they want to look like they know what to say but reality is, they dont. They spit the same words over and over as if the listeners didnt know them already and they leave happy thinking that they left with comfort...

    Very few even dare to talk about how it was time for him to go... he was really sick and was making life for my family very misserable because of his constants in and out to the ER

    I was a ghost to some.... I was able to handshake some of my relatives and enjoyed looking at their faces not knowing what to do...

    Some thought it was ok because I was there.... but I wasnt sad... I was happy.... Life has a cycle and we are part of it. Grandpa was a great man. Eventhough he was a JW.... he was loving and caring. He taught me to work... without knowing. I will miss him. He reminded me constantly that once he looked like me... and that at some point I will look like him.

    My Dad came flew from Mexico, he doesnt even talk to me... Lets see what happens wednesday at the funeral..

    Anyway I thought of sharing here....

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    That was a very nice writeup. Sounds like you loved your Grandpa, and that he loved you. Sorry for your loss.

  • ldrnomo

    Sorry you lost your Grandpa. Life is a cycle and part of your Grandfather lives on in you.

  • trujw

    This is no joke my x step father in law died last night. He was never jw but but he went to meetings towards the end to make his wife happy. I heard he is going to have a jw funeral.

  • trujw

    I looked to him as a father. I feel you loss. I was with him two hours before he died. My x was their. I brought her out of the lie that was the watchtower. I guess I can say even though we didn't make it I am glad I taught my x wife ttatt.

  • moshe

    Nice story, thanks for sharing. . I was 8 years old when both of my grandfathers died (around age 70) and now 50 years later, I have only dim memories of them.

  • MrFreeze

    Sounds like a great guy. Had a nice long life. Sorry for your loss.

  • designs

    Sorry for your loss, glad you have such a good relationship with your grandfather.

  • whathappened

    Sorry for your loss. He was a good grampa, wasnt he.

  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    Deepest Sympathy on the loss of your Grandpa. It is so good that you always made a point of expressing your love to him. He obviously had a positive impact on your life. Perhaps later you can share some of your memories with us. sincerely, Leslie

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