JWs say it's my fault I didn't go to university ?!

by ekruks 51 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • erbie

    They hate education because it elevates others above them because they are so ignorant.

    Apart from that, they are too arrogant to be taught as they think they know it all.

    I value education extremely highly for when I was a dub on the ministry I, like all others, felt that I knew it all and had the answers to everything and it made me so proud.

    However, when I quit the cult and attended university I realised that I really knew very little of any importance.

    We had one lecturer who is a leading authority on religious iconography and symbology. When I questioned her about the cross and the torture stake argument she thought I had been extremely misinformed.

    The WT leaders really are a bunch of morons.

    Please don't take anything they say seriously.

  • erbie

    And by that I mean that (in their own view) it elevates people above them because they are insecure at their lack of knowledge and education.

    Personally, I would in no way say that education is a clear indication of intelligence but the Governing Body really do have a problem with it due to a deep seated sense of inferiority.

    In short, they would not wish for their followers to be more educated than they are.

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