How many went from christian to something else?

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  • Satanus

    Bien venue, et bon voyage.


  • free2beme

    Wicca, Shamanism and basically all things Pagan. I like Spiritism.

  • Satanus

    Btw, insearch, i was searching too, after i left the wt. You are familiar w the enlightenment concept. Seeing/experiencing the light satisfied my search. I don't think that it was all the way, as i took a bit of a shortcut. Anyhow, you have your path.


    I did a bit of shamanic stuff. Pagan is great.


  • Aware!

    I went from born-in JW to deist, and now I'm agnostic. I started reading the bible by itself without any publications, and I stopped believing in it halfway through the OT. I couldn't wrap my mind around all the violence, genocide, and bloodshed. It broke my heart when I read that peoples were killed just because they didn't worship Yahweh, not to mention the account of the concubine who was raped and cut into 12 pieces. The [warrior] god of the bible doesn't deserve my worship or praise.

    When I would read the bible I would compare verses with another translation if I had trouble understanding how the NWT read, and that usually helped me understand better. That's how I found and loved how I could compare multiple translations at once, unlike I also noticed there were some commentaries at the bottom. I read those at well because I wanted to know what "Christendom" taught, and how it was different from my JW beliefs. I was amazed at how much more sense (e.g., "other sheep" in John 10:16 meaning Gentiles) they made than WT literature. I mainly did this because I didn't want to be caught off guard if a householder used a different translation.

  • Satanus


    Did you take a look at animism?


    The biblegateway is a great site for bible studying and comparison. Yah, i remember running accross that other sheep being the gentiles. I too thought that it made the most sense. Cool that you saw through the bible.


  • mamochan13

    what aussie oz said

  • Satanus


    What i said to aussie.


  • OnTheWayOut

    When I got here, I knew from recent research that Watchtower was a dangerous mind-control cult, but I figured that "Christendom" had things more right than them. I figured the Bible was God's words.

    As a fader, I wasn't visiting churches, but I kept researching. I wanted to know how WTS misused the Bible and what the real "truth" was.

    I gradually accepted what science and archaeologists had to say and was able to see the Bible as the work of men. I did briefly look at eastern religion, kept the wisdom part and rejected the God part, and kept examining the scientific explanation for life, the universe, beliefs, spiritual experiences.

    Somewhere between George Carlin, Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, Harris, Bill Mayer, and Penn Jillett, I knew the gods of men's creation didn't exist.

    I call myself a rationalist but you can use the atheist title if you choose. I don't insist there is no "higher power" outs there, but I do know it is silent. If you hear from him, then he is capable of contacting me personally if he wants to.

  • designs

    Protestant JW Evangelical Judaism and finally the medicine kicked in and I joined the Church Of Something Else. Go COSE!

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I started out as a witness. My research tells me that is not Christian. They don't believe Christ is God. Witnesses

    believe in Christ like atheist believe in Christ or Santa Clause.

    I escaped the JW's in 83. At various times I have described myself as an agnostic.

    I have read almost all of Dawkins some Hitchens and Sam Harris and Bertrand Russel's

    "Why I am not a Christian"

    I have know since the 80's that we become what we think about.

    If we think we are rich we will become rich. If we think we are healthy we will becom healthy.

    Conversely if we think we are sick we will become sick.

    If you think about atheism and read about it you will become an atheist.

    If you think about macro evolution you will believe macro evolution.

    And I have seen it on this board. People become what they think about, they talk about it

    they look for evidence and they believe.

    For myself, I have chosen to be Christian. And I can find lots of good reasons to be Christian and believe the

    bible. The internet is full of lots of bibical and Christian defense.

    For me being a Christian makes the most sense and has the best reward. And if the atheist are correct,

    I will not loose anything of even know I have lost anything. It's a win win.

    So to answer your question I have gone from being a pagan JW thru agnosticism to being a Christian.

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