I had some fun today.

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  • cantleave

    Excellent job.

  • ruderedhead

    Well done! Was the kid o.k., tho? Hopefully he was able to disappear into the background. I feel sorry for him having to be part of this situation, but if he was listening, hopefully listening turned on a switch for him.

  • moshe

    A large German JW lady , innappropriately dressed and crying ," help -peersecution!!", conjures up a vivid image for moshe

    Good job!

  • Defianttruth

    I wrote the original post last night after taking my dosage of Ambien. Imagine my horror to wake up this morning and read my poorly written post of my evening yesterday. I write a whole lot better when my brain is not shut down by prescription medications. The funny thing is I do all kinds of stuff at night while on Ambien. I eat, do projects for work, email friends and family incoherent letters of nonsense, and clean the kitchen.

    A few clarifications. The young teenage boy with the Large German Lady, was I believe her son. She was pitching her message of evil to one of the other parents there. As far as her son goes, he might at least questions his mothers motives. I caught her in a straight lie. On JW.org, they publish some pretty strange stuff. It makes probably a better anti-witnessing tool than they could imagine. No one would be interested if they read the troubling stuff first. Here's how it usually works.

    "Hey, we're an everyday normal religion. We love Jesus, family, and our neighbors. We are the most happy people on earth"

    "Really I thought you guys were weirdoes who believed in all kinds of crazy stuff?"

    "No, just normal everyday stuff let me spend the next six months building a relationship of trust with you and make you feel like family while I slowly indoctrinate you on the easy to swallow stuff"


    "Then, I'll shove some really outlandish stuff down your throat, and if you don't accept then I will alienate you and tell you if you don't accept you will displease Almighty God whom I have a direct connection with"

  • blondie

    Amazingly, some people get baptized as jws not understanding what jws really believe but find out afterwards when leaving means shunning of some kind by friends and family. Especially born-in jws. My husband was not born-in and the elders that went through the questions skipped many (especially about transfusions) and skipped the last ones saying, "well, you know all that already" and took him out for beer.

    I'm sure you used today's technology in a way that the WTS did not intend or expect. My motto for years has been:



  • jgnat

    Your story illustrates how well the iPhone/iPad can work as an anti-witnessing tool. I ean, if you can whip out articles faster than they can find excuses, what have they left?

  • cofty

    Well done!

  • Hortensia

    Good for you!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    That wont be an assembly witnessing experience...

    oh hell, the way they spin crap it probably will be!


  • BroMac

    she said: i dont like handing my phone to a stranger. - This is exactly what the KM says to do. Share articles from JW.org on a mobile device. she must have missed that meeting. Thanks for sharing this with us. Brilliant experience Brother Defianttruth a shoein for the JWN yearbook.

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