I had some fun today.

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  • Defianttruth

    I took the kids to a park at the center of our town today. I say some inappropriately dressed people, and decided to investigate. I keep a close eye on people at the play ground who don't fit in. It was a large German lady who was wearing sunday best showing literature to others with a young preteen boy. I played stupid for a while and asked a few questions with the group of customers these had cornered in the park. I asked her what was her religions stance on treating people who decided to change their minds and leave. She explained that they would shun a former member by not even talking to them. I asked what about family. She said lovingly Jehovah still allows for individuals to carry on normal relationships with family when practical. I asked for a less generalized answer. She said that if the family member no longer lived with them it is the practice to shun them completely, but this is only a personal choice and not a mandate. I asked her if she had studied the watchtower publications and was thoroughly knowledgeable as to their content. She answered yes. I asked her if we could use her Iphone to review what recent Watchtower Article had stated. She turned white as a ghost. By now , a large group of people had started to gather. She said no because she did not want to hand her phone over to a stranger. I said I have one lets see whats been said in the past few years. I had her read the articles from my phone out loud so everyone could hear. I would then ask does this sound like a mandate or a personal matter. She didn't have to .Everyone in attendance said mandate. I then said " I would never follow a religion that tried to enlist individuals with lies". I turned around and walked away. Every time she would have someone interested I would go back and show them what is truly written in the magazines. Most people were astounded and said stay away, I don't want anything to do with that.

    So my Big German Gal, calls over the local deputy and tells him I am harassing her. The deputy looked worried. He pulled me to the side to ask me what my relationship was with the woman. I answered none. I have never met her before. I am just showing everyone what her religion actually teaches. I am just showing the people she is trying to convert to her religion the evil that is in it. He asked me what religion and I answered Jehovah Witnesses. He laughed and said I've never had one call of the non JW being the harasser. He said good job those people irritate the mess out of me. He asked the lady did I threaten her in any way and she said no. He told her it was public property and if someone wants to disagree with her message, they are more than welcome to. I told the deputy thanks and the Big German lady stomped off not even returning my friendly go in peace and love salutation. People laughed at her until she left she looked completely idiotic.

  • Honeybucket

    you should have taped this on your iphone..priceless

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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Wow......I am impressed by this.

    P.S.....I would be careful about upsetting large German women.

  • poppers

    Don't worry, she'll be further convinced that she has the truth because she was being "persecuted".

  • rebel8

    It's cool you were able to accomplish that. Truth is the best cult buster! Praise Sparlock!
    showing literature to others with a young preteen boy

    In their own literature it teaches repeatedly the parents are responsible for spiritual leadership in the family and the kids bear the consequences of what the parents decide. In pioneer school we were specifically instructed not to engage in teaching minors without parental consent.

    When you think about it, it's gross to go around interfering with kids' religious upbringing. Rude, disgusting.

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    Defianttruth - Brilliant!

    They always revel in stories about a JW who won a debate with a religious leader. It's about time one of them went down in defeat. I wonder how she'll spin the story for the brothers and sisters?

  • gone for good
    gone for good


    What a shining example you are for us all! Thanks so much for sharing your fun!

  • MrFreeze

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