Did you ever have any real weirdos ? in your congregation who were Elders ?

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  • Balaamsass

    EVERY HALL I have been in 10-20% of the Elder Body was NUTS. Either a little excentric (ok) or on a "MISSION FROM GOD" (dangerous).

    Actually the weirdest guys I have known are either City servants, or striving to be one. Always brown noseing the Circuit and District overseers. Marching around like Adolf Hitler, and Volunteering everyone and everyone elses $$ ...anything that might bring attention to themselves. Extreme examples of small man complex.

    One City Servant was a nudest at home...with 2 teenage daughters. Another went around giving talks about "white shirts" only on the platform and made talks based on "Dress for success" business dress codes (he was a drunken janitor by day). Another ran around the house in boxers with the fly open and his ##!#! hanging out with visitors.

    Weirdos....yes....lots of them.

    One strange old guy recounted how he loved to "roast Japs" in ww2 with his flame thrower...and grin........ during the bookstudy......

    Another spoke of how WTBTS is to hard on Pedophiles.."Jesus died for them too". He once got on all fours at the hall and bayed like a donkey.......

    An ex-cop who thought he was "Phineas" and would stop the plague on the congregation by rooting out "hidden sins"and spearing them! ... he loved to surveil fellow elders and JWs..and would spend countless hours on "stakeouts". I hear he has gotten into electronic methods lately..wacko.


  • MrFreeze

    The one elder in our hall. He claimed his uncle was a higherup in the Illuminati. He believed in just about every conspiracy theory. He also claimed to have many demonic experiences on his way to "The Truth". Some of his stories would be downright scary for believers, what with their demon superstitions and all. He was always interesting to listen to but he was such a weirdo. He would put cayenne pepper in his eye because he said it got the impurities out. "Put it in your eye before bed and when you wake up, you can see a bunch of goop which is the impurities in your eyes." No brother, I think that is your eye melting.

    There's a whole bunch of other stuff I could tell you about him but I'll leave it at that for now.

  • hoser

    I went into the bathroom at the kingdom hall and one of the elders was at the urinal. He started explaining to me about his private parts and some of his bodily functions. He is strange. It wouldn't surprise me if he was a pedo.

  • C.O.B.E.Beef

    I was an elder. I was a wierdo. Im no longer an elder. I am still a wierdo.

  • AuntConnie

    We are very quick about putting pressure on weirdos by "marking" them or shunning and they get the hint and leave.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I knew one that would often incorporate into whatever he was talking about, dances by the pagens and how they would violently shake their breasts

  • mrsjones5

    " We are very quick about putting pressure on weirdos by "marking" them or shunning and they get the hint and leave."

    Pot meet the freakin kettle.

  • wasblind

    LOL Josie, there you go usin' the " F " word

  • mrsjones5

    I'm so naughty.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I hate to buck the trend here, but I recall no elders who would actually fit into the category of "weirdo."

    Upstarts, officious, snobs, a few just out right nasty, and almost all badly undereducated:

    - but weirdos, nil.

    The nearest that I recall was one elder's wife, who if not actually a weirdo, was very close to it.


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