Did you ever have any real weirdos ? in your congregation who were Elders ?

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  • smiddy

    WE did . .....Some of the things he did and got away with , to me now is unbeleivable , and maybe to you.

    In all fairness he was well versed in the bible and very clever how he used it to put a critic to rest at the doors and in one instance when I was witnessing with him , he demoralised a pastor of his church .and I was impressed at that time.

    But he had some strange ways , He was always looking for someone to break Gods laws so to speak .He did set himself up as the policeman for enforcing gods law on the congregations . ( this is my description ) He was known to stand outside bros/sis. homes to see if he could find something incriminating against them . I persnally had a problem with him when he tried to incriminate a 13 year old girl with loose conduct which in all conscience I could not condone ( I persnally beleive he was trying to get at the parents , the father an elder .

    Some of his more weirder beleifs ?

    His wife had her periods at least twice a month (she was not stupid )

    His wife was also stricken with cancer so obviously she couldnt go door to door , however during the CO`s visit she could pass the cancer through her bodily functions . Then after the CO`s visit it was back to normal

    He was an elder for many years ,taken off as an elder , then reinstated as an elder . I dont know what his current statis is if any .


  • zeb

    had one who insisted their childsleep in the same room as them....!

    They had no publication in the house whatever other than wt .

    He was later df.

  • cantleave

    We had me!

  • WTWizard

    I remember one lead hounder--when I was studying, this idiot looked like his house was a miniature Kingdumb Hell inside. This scumbag was an extremist, and there was nothing in the house for entertainment. The living room, usually home to a TV or at least a radio, had neither. There were 2 children at the age where I would expect to at least find a few toys lying around--there were none. Yet, this idiot had plenty of resources to afford fine bookcases upon which he kept a theocraptic library. No other reading material could be found anywhere in the place.

    During the time this scumbag was the lead hounder, it (disrespect intended) has coerced the congregation into a new Kingdumb Hell that we neither needed nor could afford. It initiated a bleed of congregation funds into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund promptly when it hit 3,000 toilet papers (instead of having a rainy day fund, in case something major happened). That thing was instrumental in tailoring rules to keep me and the opposite sex apart, and it was responsible for getting some innocent person reproved for being rooked out of money on a work project. Also, that thing would not cancel a boasting session when there was 25 cm of snow, the biggest snow of the season, on the grounds that malls were still open. How many times it (again, disrespect intended) gave talks that insinuated that people could get by on 4 hours of sleep per night, that quitting our secular job was important, that pious-sneering was essential to survival, and that we needed to put every spare unit of value into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund [so that thing could initiate another bleed].

    Needless to say, there were plenty of other scumbags working with me to damn my soul and that were this unreasonable. But this coming from the lead hounder--it would serve that thing right if it lost the whole congregation through apostasy. As was, one of its daughters got disfellowshipped shortly before I quit going--so much for totally stripping the joy out of children's lives safeguarding them (of course, knowing the kind of upbringing those children got, this disfellowshipping was probably not permanent and probably led to severe hardship followed by reinstatement).

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Yes... his wife wrote ALL of his parts and he'd just read these word for word, never looking up for one second...

  • 00DAD

    Yes, several.

    One that stands out was this old geezer that'd never been married. He was in the habit of saying the most insensitive things to people. No clue how he ever was appointed an elder in the first place. (He was appointed in another congregation and moved in with a favorable letter.)

    There were a few others as well. Mostly I'd have to say that the elders started out as well-intentioned people, but between being grossly under-qualified to deal with the real human issues that arise in the congregation and the ridiculous and restrictive rules of the WTBTS they often ended up being tools of the WT "theology," which is in itself and hopeless mess.

    The worst were ones that enjoyed their little power trips. But there's not much else that can give an uneducated guy the feeling of importance that comes from being "an appointed man." It really goes to the heads of some of them.


  • piztjw

    There's one in every KH.

    One I remember some years ago was the presiding sheep herder at the time got up on stage and began ranting at everyone how if you beat the Bible into your kids there was no way they would ever fall out of the truth. He pontificated about how if a person used their mind and free choice and left the JWs when they got older it was because the parents were failures, and hadn't done a good job of teaching their children.

    After the meeting I asked him if he really meant that it was the parents fault and that they were failures if their children left the teachings of God and Jesus. He said it was because the Bible says if you train a boy he won't leave it when he grows old, so it was the parents fault!

    I asked him then to explain why the devil turned on God. He started screaming about me being apostate and it took three other men to pull us apart. That was too funny! Especially after all three of his spawn "fell away".

    Where I am now one of the self-important sheep herders told me a few years ago I could never be anything more than basically a chair filler because I was reprehensible because I wasn't the husband of one wife, as I had been married more than once. (Rolling eyes)

  • Londo111

    When I was a teenager, there was an elder in my hall that was forewarning me that other teen boys sometimes got together in a circle and (how do I say this politely?) performed intimate acts on each other. I believe he inquired if I’d heard of anyone doing that at my school.

    It was not anything I had every conceived of or was interested in, but he spoke of it as if I might get caught up in it. Ironically, had I been so inclined and proceeded to do what he described, it would have been he who planted such a thought in my head.

    I didn’t think much of it at the time, other than think, “That’s weird”. In retrospect, I wonder what his motives were.

  • clarity

    "the presiding sheep herder" !!!!!!!!!!


    Now that's a good one ....too funny


    Btw, a big welcome to ya PiztJw ... great to see you on here!

    Fantastic name !



    Oh where shall I start there were so many ....... hhmm

    there was a little group of them who would sit in their cars

    & watch my place, t o see if I was "sinning" fgs!


    They finally got "lucky" ...or so they thought, when along

    comes a 'brother' ringing my doorbell!


    I show up on a meeting night .... rite away want to see me after..

    down in the private basement room.


    So finally they start with ..."it has been reported that bro so&so

    has been seen at your apartment ... and went inside!!!!!!!!!!!.


    Yes, I said ....he did ....... and he was the only jw who acted as

    the Good Samaritan ...... I was out of money ...and he brought me

    some food! True story.


    They all trouped upstairs rather sheepishly ... which was quite

    apropos .... don't you think! ahahahah.


    Oh gee, then there were the ELDERETTES... one who believed

    that she was 144000 and tried to set me up to be her husbands

    second wife after she "lifted off" to heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad to be away from all that nonsense!


  • Honeybucket

    First off- my in-laws are the weirdos


    A couple in the hall that lives down the street from us will stare out their windows at us. My hubby and I go for walks/run, when we get to their house I can see them, husband wife and daughter peering out the same window at us. On the way there and the way back. These same people come up to me after I get my hair colored and cut and tell me "Im not sure if I like your hair" Ok, since strawberry blonde is soo outrageous. They then proceed to admonish me for convinving a hotel manager to give me a room at a hotel that was on the WT list but they didnt have anymore left. We got a suite for the same price as the other dubs. They were just jealous. Same couple- I go out in service with them and the wife is telling me about how they are having some people over for a bible game night, but she doesnt want to invite hardly anyone in the hall because of the labels she has put on them (users, spiritually week, no children) So after she is done talking trash about everyone she realized it was rude to talk about a get together in front of me, so she invites us. We get there and there is a shitload of magic mushroom statues and knick knacks. These people will also go by our house and notice we werent home on a sunday and werent at meeting, so the next time we saw them they would ask us where we were because our car was gone. They wanted to know what was so important that we couldnt miss meetings. So self rightous they feel they can call others out, even though there is no proof. we must be sinners because they see us out running on a meeting day, but we dont go to the meeting.

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