Did you ever have any real weirdos ? in your congregation who were Elders ?

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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    When I was a teenager, there was an elder in my hall that was forewarning me that other teen boys sometimes got together in a circle and (how do I say this politely?) performed intimate acts on each other. I believe he inquired if I’d heard of anyone doing that at my school.

    LOL- sounds like he is describing the ole circle jerk.

    The idiot probably heard that expression and though "worldly men" actually did this.

  • mrsjones5

    Yes, there was this one elder who had a problem of staring at all the young girls in the congregation and making litte oh so not so innocent remarks. The kind that you weren't so sure about and gave you a creepy feeling on top of it. Bro. Wiess. I can still see his creepy little face. He's dead. My sister and I complained to our mother but got no help from her, got blown off. Had to endure being in the same condo up in Tahoe for a whole weekend with my family and Bro Wiess and his wife. It was just before the summer season opened but it was pretty warm. I think Wiess's eyeballs got tired from all of the staring at my sister, her friend, and I. Mother didn't believe us until Wiess decided to put his hands in her. Yeah, some mother I got.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Weiss was da wurst?

  • mrsjones5


  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    There was the REALLY weird family that moved in when I was in my teens. He was an elder but

    was really mean. I remember they asked me to babysit once, a boy and a girl. The boy was

    a right terror and the girl was not allowed out of the bathroom as punishment for something.

    I remember I commented on her pretty hair, and the mother snapped at me for complimenting

    her daughter as it might swell her head. I called my mother and asked if I should let the girl

    out of the bathroom. I was really bothered by it. I finally did and they weren't too pleased

    when they got home. They never asked me back again, but honestly, I wouldn't have gone

    back. It really creeped me out.

  • Finkelstein

    There were a lot of weirdos in the hall I used to attend but elders were all blatant hypocrites,

    wearing the most expensive suits and driving the most expressive cars, homes ... etc.

    The PO who was married and had 3 teenagers, decided to have an adulterous affair with a young single 20 year old.

    Absolutely devastated the entire family, his oldest son was my best friend growing up, the family eventually moved away.

    I label that as weird behavior.

  • ShirleyW

    Did you ever have any real weirdos in your congregation who were Elders?

    I'd be more interested to find out if there are actually any congregations that don't have any wierdo elders.

  • problemaddict

    Wow! I mean.....wow!

    I didn't hit weird elders until I became a young man with some ability, and moved out of my home area. Honestly the men in the hall I grew up in were all great. I mean, yeah they weren't perfect, but they were the good ones. Cared about others, weren't quick to judge, always gave people the benefit of the doubt. I remember this woman being DF'd, and 2 elders crying when it was announced. The PO was a little more hard core, but not much compared to standards set here.

    Now when I moved on my own?......It was clear to me a young brother living on his own without his family is automatically looked at suspiciously. I was either going to be their golden boy speaker, or I was threatening them. After I was married, it subsided again.

    Then when I was appointed, the insecurity and all that crap just started up again.

    Eventually I met some of the worst elders I have ever known. The definition of Pharisee. Their hall hates them, and yet because he is connected, he is still on every assembly part there is. When I can speak more freely one day, I hope to say more.

    Here is a nice one though. At a funeral for a brother who is the father of a good friend, the mans brother showed up. His brother was baptized at 15 and then disfellowshipped at 15 for smoking. He only got baptized because his older brother did, the one that was dead. He was NEVER really a JW. Did I mention that was 40 years ago? The man had contributed with his own organs, the things that would keep his older brother alove another 10 years. Yet nobody was allowed to come to the wake after the funeral, because there was a disfelloshipped man there. People didn't give his condolances at the service either. A few people didn't care and did the right thing. But it was all because of this self righteous alpha elder running the show.

    Just makes me sick.

  • cobaltcupcake

    I asked him then to explain why the devil turned on God. He started screaming about me being apostate and it took three other men to pull us apart.

    Piztjw - That was brilliant! spittake Welcome!

    Some of these posts sound a lot like my late father. He thought he was everyone's conscience. Counseled people about the color of their car, for example, and was generally a hard-nosed $%#. Super self-righteous but carried around some dirty little secrets. Had me brought up before a JC because I confronted him about the harsh verbal abuse I had suffered at his hands when I was a teenager.

    ShirleyW - Yes, I was in a congo that had 5 normal elders. Amazing.

  • ShirleyW

    Cobalt - That is amazing

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