Yahweh was a Cannanite god Ashtoreth his wife...before the Jews!! Unreal!

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  • PSacramento

    Well done Leo :)

    Now if you can only explain that it is stauros and not stavros !!

    LOL !

  • GromitSK

    No u in Latin?

  • PSacramento

    Stauros is greek, not latin.

    Stauros (σταυρ?ς) is the Greek word, usually translated cross, that in the Bible is used in reference to the device on which Jesus was executed. The meaning of the word has changed over the centuries.

  • mP

    Why does it even matter if it means cross or motorbike ? Sure its interesting to know the truth but its amazing how JW are so pedantic about exactness here but their theology is based not on literal readings of scripture but basically total ly making stuff up.

  • peacefulpete

    perhaps it is a topic some might wish to research but the Yahweh temple plan included two free standing columns/pillars at the entrance. This feature plus the entire temple floor plan layout was typical of cults of the Syrian/Palestinain region. The two guarding pillars represented deities often Baal and his consort asherah. It is hardly a stretch of the imagination to believe that the designers of the Yahweh temple did something similar. Interestingly a later OT writer has largely forgotten the cultic symbolism everywhere inside and out of the Temple design but still personify the pillars naming the two Boaz and Jachin, names that are fairly cryptic but suggestive of a desire to reform their purpose.

  • Satanus

    Since there never was a 'first' temple built by the jew solomon, were those pillars in front of the 'second' temple, the one herod the pagan goy built?


  • peacefulpete

    Satanus, I just stumbled on this thread after many months and saw your comment to which I partly agree. I have posted a number of comments in the past detailing serious issues with the "Solomonic" temple, at least in the time period assigned it and the golden grandeur it is described in. This however doesn't suggest that there was no ancient temple assigned to Yahweh in Jerusalem, there were likely a number of them. It would be odd if there wasn't one. Just like there were temples to the many incarnations of Baal, the mythology associated with the grand golden temple is devout embelishment. Below I quote the "Poem of Baal":

    "He'd melt silver silver by the thousands of shekels, Gold by the myriads...a gorgeous dais weighing twice ten thousand shekels, a gorgeous dais cast in silver, coated with a film of gold."

    "As for Baal his house is built, as for Hadd(hadad) his palace is raised. They..from Lebanon and it's trees, From Sirion on it's precious cedars."

  • Comatose

    I wish Leo was around still. After reading a recent book on historical archaeology I don't think Solomon existed. I'd like to see what Leo said.

  • DS211

    so basically hes superman....kal frim the house of el

  • peacefulpete

    Comatose, I am saddened she has moved on as well. Hope all is well. As far as Solomon, yeah, there is room for doubt. The myth of a 'united kingdom' extending the entirely of Palestine has been debunked pretty thoroughly, the name itself (Peaceful) is quite possibly a cue name,at least as used in the Deuteronomists' passages, wherein the monotheistic Solomon was promised "peace throughout his reign". Then again it is also quite possible that the name is historical and derived from the popular deity Shalmen aka Salem like the name 'Jerusalem' was. I was more certain of the mythicists' position before I more carefully considered the possibility that the myth layer involved mostly monotheism projected back in time. David the "beloved" and Solomon the "peaceful" might have been oportunists in a brief time of political reshuffling of the real powers in the region but they were not monotheists and they were not the creators of a mighty empire of prosperity as depicted by the golden age idealists that wrote and edited the stories.

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