New Article regarding the Global Flood of Noah

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  • jwfacts

    Interesting information Leolaia.

    Balaamsass, I am reading Storms of My Grandchildren : The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity, by James Hansen, and makes that point regarding the sea levels being lower during the last ice age. The levels stabilised a few thousand years ago, which is what allowed civilisations to develop as rapidly as they did. I agree that these Near Eastern flood legends probably relate back to the period of great floods at the end of the last ice age.

    Ticker, you did hijack the thread, since you obviously did not read the article before making your comments. If you had you would realise how foolish the comment on fish is. Also, genetics variation show that all animals have not evolved in the last 4,400 years, and all canines are not related to a single pair of puppies from 4,400 years ago. You do not have to be afraid of reading the article, as it is not critical of the Biblical flood story, but rather of the concept of a global flood.

  • SunnyDays

    Thank you for posting this and the link to your site. I really enjoyed browsing around there today! You've done a great job - very logical and reasonable.



  • Lore

    The article is great.

    A few thoughts:

    In the opening paragraph it says:

    "This article addresses an array of evidence regarding whether it is possible a global flood occurred 4,400 years ago."

    I belive that should be changed too: "whether it is possible that a global flood occurred. . . ."

    I'd add some more information to the Egypt section. It wasn't just their structures that survived, it was their entire culture. If we can imagine that the pyramids were built before the flood and somehow survived, it doesn't explain how their ability to read hyroglyphics, language and culture somehow survived the flood as well.

    The Sumarians history begins in 5300 BC (roughly 1,300 years before god created humans) and continues uninterupted until 200 years after the flood when they were defeated by the Gutians. They were then defeated by Uruk, who were then defeated by Babylon.

  • Ticker

    JWFacts - I have no fear in reading the article and will give it a look over.

  • mP


    Genesis 7:24 "And the waters prevailed on the earth 150 days"

    This is a common misunderstanding as violent(geshem) rain lasted for 40 days and nights but the flood waters continued to rise. This can be easily observed, for example after any hard rainfall rivers will continue to rise and swell days later after the rain dissapates. The waters were powerful and widespread for 150 days.


    How exactly does a world covered in an ocean of water continue to rise without water ? Thats utter nonsense. Scholars with deep knowledge of Hebrew will tell you there are separate periods giving for the raining phase. You are dishonestly picking one aspect of the word to make an apology, when a simple reading shows more rain fell down and thats how the water level increased. Thats what the author was trying to convey plain and simple. If Jehovah wanted to tell us water sprung from Mars or something, then he should have said so rather than write the text so it was confusing and inaccurate.

  • cantleave

    BTW - Brilliant article JWFacts.

  • jgnat

    Evidence that a species is endangered well before it gets down to a single breeding pair.

  • cantleave

    Fascinating stuff jgnat.

  • jwfacts

    Thanks Jgnat, being Tasmanian myself, the Tassie Devil is a great point for me to include and close to my heart.

  • Flat_Accent

    This is great stuff, jwfacts. Really enjoyable read. It would have been nice to have had this article when I was researching the flood!

    One thing I must mention though, is that some witnesses could leave this article with the impression some kind of global flood actually happened. For example, my dad will always tell me that 'seashell fossils being found on mountain tops' is ample evidence for a flood. With such reasoning and a witness mindset, it's quite easy to assume everything else was accomplished through miracles. Could you perhaps add a section on what the geological record shows, maybe examples of great floods and what we expect to see in sediment? I know there is some evidence of flooding in the Americas after the last ice age. How do we know that area was flooded? Does this evidence exist on a global scale at the same point? What about the mammoths that were frozen on the spot, and sea fossils on the tops of mountains? You mentioned a couple of these things in passing, but if you could extrapolate on them it would really round off the article.

    Nice work.

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