CO disfellowshipped, Central Coast, Australia

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  • smiddy

    You could always post it annonoymously to some other annonoymous person who in turn could post it here Konceptual99 .


  • soft+gentle

    I'm so glad CO's are setting the lead in seeking out disfellowshipping. more need to do so

  • bigmac

    frankly I think it's a bit poor taste to pour over every little detail of someone else's personal situation.

    here here---also-the individual concerned may well be lurking on here---dont want to scare him away.

  • konceptual99

    Post what exactly? Some juicy tidbit about what the CO get DFed for? Why? What he did is his business and will never be real truth as not even the JC members will really know what happened. Of course there are some facts that are publicly known but they don't add anything other than feeding the desire for a bit of gossip.

  • Phizzy

    The only detail I wish to hear about a C.O being DF'd is that he was done for Apostasy. If he has succombed to the more usual problem that a lot of men have i.e thinking with their dick, then I don't want to know

    We had a name for the U.K C.O posted, was that removed ? I shall not repeat it as I have no knowledge of the business.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    All I want is confirmation that these claims are factual, that can only established by the publication of a name. We don't need details.

    A disfellowshiping is a public event, announced to a public audience and is therefore not a secret. The reasons for the shunning are not disclosed. The bald name(s) are public and therefore the fact that they have not emerged is strong evidence that the rumours are untrue. If it is true there is no valid reason for names not to be named.

  • Phizzy

    I agree Slidin, just won't do it myself for the U.K one, I don't have the info.

    Whoever does needs to be sure of their facts.

    If anyone is interested in the U.K one, the thread is still up, C.O in U .K Disfellowshipped, with the name on it, but no proof, just rumour, so could be libel.

  • konceptual99

    The prime reason I have not supplied a name is that I don't know. Both conversations I have had on the subject were with people with first hand knowledge of event but also very keen to skip off the subject as quickly as possible. It's not been possible to manoeuvre the conversation to establishing the name without seeming "too" interested at those particular times. Don't worry - I will find out who it is at some point and can advise accordingly.

  • cantleave

    Konceptual99 - you have a PM

  • konceptual99

    Backatcha cl...

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