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  • l p
    l p

    Well Im in Sydney and I would be happy to meet up with you if you got here. We could go out for a meal one evening.. A Day time catch up would take time out of sight seeing...

    There are things to see in Sydney.

    There is the harbour bridge, the opera house, the zoo, then there is the blue mountains (the 3 sisters etc), then there is some other amusement parks such the aquaium, the powerhouse museum, the art gallery, centrepoint tower (which you go up to the observation deck to see around sydney as far as the blue mountains)

    then you could take an hr and 15 min drive south to Jamberoo - a water recreation park which is fun for all ages

    you could go south for a few days and stay at one of the caravan parks on one of the beaches. The south coast is absolutely beautiful.

    Im sure you could get a day bus trip (3 hrs one way) from sydney to the capital ACT canberra and do some sight seeing tours such as visit parliament, and the other sites there.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I would use Brisbane as a stop-over and not waste time there when you could be in more scenic parts of Queensland. I would spend as much time as possible at the Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding towns onland. Time you plan to spend in Brisbane could be spent at the Reef or touring other parts of the east coast.

    I haven't been to NZ or Tahiti so can't advise on those places but I'm sure you'll have a great time. Tahiti is expensive though.

  • Scott77

    Broken promise, I did not know you are from australia.

  • Hortensia

    Yes, Tahiti is expensive. But Moorea is so beautiful it is worth it. Just don't eat in the hotel restaurants. Go into the little town and eat at one of the local restaurants. There was one on a boat out at the end of a pier that had the most delicious and well-made food.

  • exwhyzee

    Again...thanks everyone for all the helpful information! Hortensia: Good information...thanks. Will be going to Morea and will look for the place you've described ! Broken Promises : Yes...the plan is to spend as little time as possible in Brisbane once we've seen the sights there. IP: Thanks for the offer to meet up. I'll know more about the possibility of making it to Sydney once we make more specific arrangements. I'll send you a PM later about it if it turns out we can get there.

  • jwfacts

    If you make it to Sydney I can arrange for you to meet a few people here if you like.

  • Scott77

    If you make it to Sydney I can arrange for you to meet a few people here if you like.


    That is awesome jwfacts. Hi exwhyzee, do not forget to take a camera and get a short with JWfacts. I think that will be an awesome experiences.

  • karter

    If your coming to Auckland nz pm me. There are many secnic interesting places in nz.

    love to catch up for a meal.


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