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  • exwhyzee

    We're trying to rebuild our lives after leaving the Org, have new experiences and create new memories for ourselves. We're planning out our trip to Hawaii, NZ, Austrailia and Tahati in February. I thought I'd see if anyone on here could give us some advice on places to see/stay/eat in Brisbane and thereabouts, as well as places to steer clear of. May have a car to use so if there's anything you can suggest seeing within a day's drive from there, I'd be most grateful.

    Anyone been to Papeete Tahiti ? Have any suggestions for us ?

    Thanks !

  • l p
    l p

    are you coming to Sydney?

    Im in Sydney


  • l p
    l p

    are you coming to Sydney?

    Im in Sydney


  • SkyGreen

    I used to live in brisbane, the Gold Coast is very touristy, theres all the theme parks to go to if you're into that sort of thing (buy tickets in advance, you can get a 3 or 4 park pass, MUCH cheaper)

    On the way from Bris to Gold Coast, there are a few nice nature walks in the glasshouse mountains.

    The sunshine coast is also quite touristy, but not quite so much as the GC, there are beautiful beaches and national parks.

    Look up Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and of course Australia zoo - they're great places to visit.

    In Brisbane city, the southbank markets are lots of fun on a FRIDAY night.\

    I was born in NZ, dont go to christchurch, its still having earthquakes rather regularly, but in the south island, everything south of Dunedin is beautiful - scenery (mountains, lakes, snow) and Queenstown is the tourist destination for snow sports and adventure sports (white water rafting, bungee jumping). Google some tourist sites for info on the best seasons to go.

    Im not that familiar with the North Island, except for tourist spots in Rotorua, and Waitomo caves.

    Again, just google and you'll get a better idea of places and the best seasons to go.

    NZ is still not the warmest down south, even in summer months.

    Brisbane is "sub-tropical", so even if you go in winter, its not very cold, and quite humid.

    Enjoy planning your trip and have a wonderful time!!

    Sky xx

  • SkyGreen

    ps, if you want cheaper accomodation, look for cabins in tourist parks, 3 star or more are fine, but check they can supply linens.

  • doofdaddy

    Agree with Skygreen, avoid the Gold Coast. The actual nature reserve is the Border Ranges National Park (Not the Glasshouse mtns, they are North of Brisbane). Well worth a look. Also if you have a car, go down to Byron Bay. It will be a little crowded that time of year but the beaches (Broken Head Nature Reserve for example) are georgeous. There are numerous guesthouses outside the actual town if you want quiet as the town gets a million and a half tourists per year! Why do I know so much? Been living in this area for 40 yrs..

  • Hortensia

    I've been to Papeete twice. I'd recommend taking a boat over to Moorea and staying there a couple of days. It's beautiful, much prettier than Papeete which reminded me of Tijuana in places.

  • ohiocowboy

    Wow! That sounds like an awesome trip! Can I stow away in your suitcase??? lol

    I bet that Broken Promises can give you a heads up about NSW Australia. I'd love to go there to visit one day to see the incredible sights and experience the culture.

    Have a great time!

  • smiddy

    You might also like to visit Moreton Island ,Stradbroke Island or Fraser Island ,each of them are within reach of Brisbane .Moreton Island has the highest sand dunes in the world ( I think ) They all can be reached by a ferry trip .

    Tweed Heads on the Qld.NSW border is a great place to visit as is the sunshine coast Coloundra both only a couple of hours drive away from brissy.

    Enjoy your trip


  • brinjen

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