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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    you could also do a day trip from brisbane to adelaide...only 22 hours straight...(still a 'day trip')

    seriously though, stay away from the gold coast and at least go north to caloundra/noosa and the glasshose mountains


  • brinjen

    I guess the question to ask first is... what would you like to see? Mountains? Beaches? What would be your dream holiday?

  • DesirousOfChange

    We're planning out our trip to Hawaii, NZ, Austrailia and Tahati in February.

    The best revenge is to enjoy a happy, successful life together . . . . with them!


  • exwhyzee

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    We'd like to do either a boat or bus tour of the City of Brisbane to get an overview of what it has to offer. We'd like to see the obligitory Kangaroo/Koala sanctuary. Do a tour of the Barrier Reef area and do bit of snorkelilng if possible there. Oh...and is there somewhere to swim with the dolphins ? Did that in Florida a few years ago and relly got a kick out of it.

    We are wondering if we should stay in Brisbane or stay somewhere further north so as to be closer to the beaches, mountains and other natrual areas.

    Are their trains or busses that will take you to those areas from the City without having to have a car ?

    Thanks Again !

  • moshe

    I too, would like to visit Australia and NZ- when you get back, i hope you have a blog of your aventures to show us.

    I like traveling and staying on the cheap- hostels, pension houses, rented rooms, camping- my wife likes to find accomodations in the AAA travel book- we travel her way.

    Now that I am really retired, I hope to take some trips in an RV again..

  • Scott77

    I was about to recommend Gold Coast because I was there before, saw it but now I know I should not. In Brisbane,Queensland, you may want to visit Brisbane Forest Park using bus Route 385. No worries, you should be able to get a complete map inside the bus. Of couse, koala sanctuary is a good place to visit. Please, check

    Anyway, the best expereince might be if you can team up wit ha local particularly an Ex-JWs who has a plenty of time to spare with you and learn from each other. perhaps a visit over coffee time in the evening or a shared breakfast in the morning. You are right. Use bus. I strongly recommend that. Brisbane has a efficient bus services some of which are driven by women.

    Good luck with your trip.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Why are you focussing on Brisbane so much? Unless you have family or friends there, you would be better off spending your time and money on more scenic parts of Queensland/Australia. Brisbane is just another big city otherwise.

    I definitely recommend the Great Barrier Reef. There are plenty of resorts on the various islands from which you can tour the islands and Reef. Best deal is to go to a resort where all food and basic water sports are included.

    Just be aware that February is still part of the Wet Season for Far North Queensland, so there may be a possibility of heavy storms.

    Currumbin Sanctuary and Australia Zoo are worth going to if you want to see Australian fauna.

  • brinjen

    It will be extremely humid and hot in the far north Queensland at that time of the year also.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Wow, sounds like fun!

    " well as places to steer clear of."

    Avoid WT branches and KHs. That's about all the help I can be on the subject.

  • exwhyzee

    I'd like to see Sydney too but the flight we got takes us into Brisbane first so we thought we'd do a tour of that city and head north toward the more scenic/remote areas and at least see the southern most end of the Barrier reef. We are hoping that somehow we can catch a flight to Sydney for a Day if time allows. We have the flights booked but are in the planning stage of what to do when we get there.

    Not worried about heat or humidity....It's vacation so I plan to be wearing as little as possible (lol) Hopefully there won't be any storms but either way, it's still vacation and we'll get plenty of good weather later in Hawaii.

    Don't worry Billy X-B, I spent too many vacations at assemblies or touring branch facilities to do that again. However it would be nice to have a connection with someone there or know someone who also is in the market for new friends like we are. I have cousins that I've never met that live in Austrailia and NZ but I think it would be kinda complicated to hook up with them on this short of notice.

    Would rather not have to drive since they drive on the opposite side of the road....did that in the UK and Ireland and it went well but it's nicer to let someone else do the driving sometimes.

    Thanks so much for all your suggestions so far. Keep em comming if you have any good ideas.

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