Hi All - Finally Posting Here!

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Greetings to you Pyramid Scheme!

    If it is Ok, pass on our love and greetings to your wife, also.

    Active JW's have been abused & are shell shocked. So they keep on, keeping on, even when things don't make sense. Russell - pyramids, Rutherford, where do you start with that hypocrite, Knorr & Franz - 1975...the sky is falling!, and they all were expounding the FACT, Millions NOW LIVING will NEVER DIE. We are to live uneducated, little lives, not make a name for ourselves. People from the World>>> question your religion. JW's>>> don't even think about it or you are DF'ed. Don't go to University, don't go to your High School Reunion. You can't go. Do you hear us? We will look down at you and possibly agree, you won't make the cut to handle the microphones! GB member Schroeder's son Judah Ben did it all. From the links here, I read how he and his wife Amber went back to her High School Reunion, ate, drank, socialized with (cue music) worldly ones. They both have University degrees. His is in Law.

    She has you to look up to, with love and respect. You left the Truth (tm) but didn't turn into a raving, maniac, weird guy. Right? If she sees you are more "normal" and relaxed, and she benefits from that...2013 might be her year!

    Just Lois

  • HBH

    Welcome, I'm new too.

  • Pterist

    Greetings from Florida PS ;)

  • Hortensia


  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Welcome Pyramid Scheme! I have to say I love the avatar too!

  • cantleave


  • MrFreeze

    Welcome aboard and I have to say the first thing that poppoed out was the avatar.

  • Balaamsass

    WELCOME!! Love the Avatar!!

  • whathappened

    Welcome to JWN and we look forward to your input.

  • goatshapeddemon

    Welcome! As a fellow long-time lurker, I share your gratitude for the community - it's a great place! Look forward to hearing more.

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