Horrible day

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  • wasblind


    To my knowledge Y'all still Use the Reasoning from the Scriptures book

    It tells you that even the use of fractions from blood is equated to idolitry and fornication

    Your 2006 Aug Awake titled " Blood " does an about face on page 12 that says

    takin' fractions is a conscience choice. That fraction ain't mentioned in the bible but,

    Scince the WTS still consider whole blood a sin

    The question that you could have ask is : Are unmarried brothers allowed to get a little piece from their girlfriends

    as long as he don't take it all ????

    Accordin' to the WTS a sin is a sin, whether it's blood or sex

    learn your material. I know that Most ex- witnesses can stand it

    but for the ones who have to deal Wit' these cult members

    they need to choose their weapon and learn how to use it

    The WTS provide you the weapon in each mag they print


  • tornapart

    I find myself in positions like this too. I try and make comments if I can, for instance I would probably have gone on to say how evil pedos are and how cunning and manipulative they are (Jimmy Savile case for instance) and not allowing them to get away with it. It can get them thinking and talking and without you coming across as an 'apostate'.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Young man don't be so hard on yourself. You must not beat yourself up over not saying anything. You need to be in survival mode right now, and still do whatever it takes to stay in good spirits to enjoy your life. You know TTATT and that is all that matters at this time. Just be happy that you are now awake. You will escape this in due time.

  • cedars

    Sorry mate, you do get days like this. I had an experience very similar to yours with my family recently, over the Christmas period in fact. One uncle came round and pulled out a Days Text on our meal, insisting that we all do it together with him conducting the discussion. I was sat right next to him and was absolutely livid. If he wants to study the days text at HIS family table, he is more than welcome - but doing it at mine in an apparent attempt to "help" my wife and I is just wrong by any standards. I somehow managed to bite my lip throughout the whole agonizing episode, but I came very close to erupting. If he had tried to force a comment out of me, it would have got ugly.

    I think your best bet is to commence your fade at the earliest opportunity. At least people will know to treat you a little differently. Even then, you will get uber-zealous types like my relative who doesn't know what the boundaries are and can't read body language.


  • cantleave

    cantleave - I'm in the north of Scotland. I would love to DA, but my parents would most certainly kick me out of the house. I'm trying to find a place of my own, but it's not easy in these parts.

    I can understand that....

    If you ever need to rant or talk things through I will happily give you our number, we are always happy to listen....

  • 88JM

    Thanks for your support guys - this is exactly why I signed up.

    wasblind - thanks for the tip - I always forget the reasoning book is so out of date now.

    tornapart - that's a good suggestion I hadn't thought of.

    Think About It - I'm so glad I do know what I know - it is so refreshing to not feel trapped mentally, at least.

    Cedars - yeah, that would feel really bad having invited someone into your home. Why do they think they are entitled to do that when your position is pretty clear?

    cantleave - Thanks for the help - I think I'm coping, but such offers may be a lifeline one day.

  • cedars

    A little bit of advice in advance, so you can learn from my mistakes...

    When you fade, which it sounds like you will once you move out, DO NOT try to explain your reasons to any friends. Keep any explanatory comments to your family to a minimum. I made the mistake of sending a brief email to a few close friends to try and prepare them for the news of my inactivity, and it backfired dramatically and almost got me in big trouble.

    You don't owe anyone any explanations because they can't possibly understand. Let them reach their own conclusions. It simply doesn't matter what they think.

    It's sad that you have to approach these things so dispassionately, but that's unfortunately how it works.


  • 88JM

    cedars - you're right I'm sure, and I'm not one to volunteer information anyway, especially about myself. And yes, their opinions are absolutely worthless to me - the sort of people who are going to hold a murder and adulterer as an example.

    I'm hoping for the pre-emptive shunning to get into full swing soon - it will make it all the more easier to fade.

  • flipper

    88JM- I know your pain my friend. I'm 53 now and have been out of the organization over 9 years but I remember not too very long ago being 23 yrs.old and having been born in and raised up from birth inside the JW organization. It sucks- BIG time. I understand your fears you are going through regarding JW family ratting you out. I was married 19 years until age 39 to a fanatic JW wife. All my family was inside the cult too.

    The self righteousness these JW's display is enough to drive a guy over the bend. Sorry to hear you couldn't finish your meal by yourself. Next time perhaps drive somewhere to eat a little further out of your territory so you don't come across these freaks . At least not ones that you know or recognize. You are doing good in building up some friends and support group outside the JW's. Keep doing that. You'll need that support when you decide to stop attending meetings. Here's a toast to you hoping you can move out of JW parents house soon and regain your freedom back ! !

    The sooner you do that the sooner you can start fading perhaps going to a different congregation where no JW relatives attend and start hitting and missing ( mostly missing ) the meetings. The sooner you get away from the mind control marketing information spewing like vitriol off the kingdom hall platform- the better at least for your peace of mind. I know it will take time though. Just remember you have good friends here who understand what you're going through mate, O.K. ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • wasblind

    wasblind - thanks for the tip - I always forget the reasoning book is so out of date now.

    Yes 88JM,

    hold on to it, you will need it in 2014 to show folks from their own material

    that are false prophets

    Under the headin' of DATES, JEHOVAH"S WITNESSES, and LAST DAYS , they state a false prophecy

    about the generation that will see the end

    On page 239 of the Reasoning book shows that they are not talkin' bout no " Overlappin' " one either

    On page 134 in the Reasoning book the Jehovah's Witnesses try to compare heir mistakes to Nathan the Prophet

    Big fail

    Nathan never said what he told David came from God. The WTS claim all the mistakes they teach come from God

    " Thus what is not from men but from Jehovah "_________Sept 15, 2010 WT

    showin' that the GB is led by God

    Yes the Reasoning book is out dated , But false prophecies are lies that never grow old


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