Do the GB 2.0 Travel First Class? What Do You Know About That?

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  • Finkelstein

    Don't be stupid to assume that when a GB member, CO, DO Branch head visits somewhere they are not getting preferential treatment by people

    surrounding them. Seen it myself many times.

    They know what their position is in the organization and what they're responsibility is in sustaining the organization of which they are a part of.

  • Scott77

    "...We had a member of the Governing Body come to town for a few days to dedicate our new Kingdom Hall. He stayed in a decent hotel - the kind I would stay in as a budget traveler. He rode to meetings in the back of a sister's minivan with several other older ones..."
    Bloody Hotdogs!

    What is the message here? That GB member was certainly showy-displaying his 'humility' only when he is being seen. Elsewhere, its a different story.


  • Finkelstein

    Just to support the assertion that the top dogs of the WTS. get preferential treatment, the WTS in Brooklyn had

    acquired larger and better accommodations for visiting branch overseers when they stayed at Brooklyn HQ.

    They did not stay at the usual accommodations for the typical Bethel workers.

    Thats not to say they though were driven around in limousines and taken to the finest restaurants in New York.

    Someone like Barbra Anderson who worked and lived at Brooklyn HQ would probably know more about many times the GB traveled around.

    With the recent selling of branches around the world, one could expect that the GB are traveling a lot these days over looking

    whats been sold and where the money from the sales is being directed to.

  • Eustace

    So they only have enough money for 16 page Watchtowers and Awakes, eh???

  • Finkelstein

    Do you think if the basic JWS back in the day saw J. Rutherford driving around in his posh Cadillac with booze on breath and

    with a woman who wasn't his wife, dressed to the nines, would they think about their great spiritual leader, who said he was

    specifically chosen by god ???

    The perk system ruining in the back ground of this organization has been going on for a long time.

    The GB of this organization know very well they have millions to work with or to play with, if you want look at that way.

  • Scott77

    "So they only have enough money for 16 page Watchtowers and Awakes, eh???."

    Are you kidding with question? I cannot see a scanario in which the GB would go poor because they have cut down the number of pages of Watchtower and awake. Right now, a significant amount of dollars are being spent to fight off sexual abuse cases like the from Conti.


  • erbie

    Well, they are a bunch of first class tossers so why on earth shouldn't they travel first class???

  • blondie

    I saw my share of ass-kissing, brown nosing, sucking up to elders, COs, DOs, Branch overseers, GB, Heavy Bethelites...but I some some that did not seek, were embarrassed and irritated, avoided it. By the second visit they knew would run up to them with the same sob stories, showing interest in them but not the rank and file. Some visiting COs knew before they arrived at that congregation having heard of it from the previous CO or the BOE from the last congregation.

    I found the Poetzingers very kind and I quickly sorted out the Bethelites at my congregation who had no time for us nobody single sisters.

    But the cases I knew of, the congregation paid their fares (first class) when the congregation requested them to come, or the circuit or the district.

  • DesirousOfChange

    When GB or high ranking Belthelites were invited to special events here locally, typically very successful brothers would pick up the tab for their flights, sometimes with FFMiles, and often host them in their home.

    What's the difference between a Brown Nose and a $#!+ Poop Head? Depth perception.


  • Finkelstein

    So the final conclusion to the answer... do high ranking people in this organization get treated with special preferential treatment ?

    Yes they do, there is another part to this story though thats worth mentioning, which concerns human psychology in that certain JWS

    are are compelled in a way to idolize the top dogs within this religion.

    They perceive these higher ups as people who are closer to god as it were, people who have a higher portion of god's

    holy spirit, so getting closer and appeasing these ones is likened to appeasing god himself. Sounds a bit silly but realistically

    this is how some people look at individuals that have these higher positions within the WTS.

    When you reflectively think about it, religion really is a game of illusionary smoke and mirrors developed within human consciousness.

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