Genesis 3:16 - As to ALL Women... or One Woman? A Favor, Please...

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    1. Under what circumstances do you believe, if you do so believe, a woman is to be in subjection to, say, a man who is NOT her own husband... and what is the basis for that?
    When a supervisor, teacher, professor, etc. happens to be male. When a police officer, judge, magistrate, officer of the court, etc. happens to be male.
    2. On what, besides custom and tradition, do you, if you do, believe that women are to be in subjection to men (other than perhaps her own husband)?
    Can't think of anything.
    3. Do "strong-willed" women who appear to "have a problem with" submission make you nervous and, if so, why?
    Nervous only in the sense of finding them attractive. That's why I married one.

    Thank you for your responses, dear TD (peace to you!). I'm sure you know I was addressing the JW perspective, right?

    4. Do you consider a woman who is NOT submissive to men in general... and/or fails to recognize the customary establishments (or attempts to establish) a "pecking-order" among a group of women (and there is indeed such a custom albeit unspoken among women, but it is ONLY a custom)... "concerning
    Just a male observation here. Women seem capable of a special kind of hostility were nobody is ever forgiven, nothing ever gets resolved and nobody ever shakes hands after a scrap.

    While I would tweak that to say SOME women... I would say, man, oh, man, aren't YOU telling the TRUTH! Those women I call friends are not like that at all (to the contrary, such women "scare" US - LOLOL! so we tend to leave 'em alone). But, yeah, "Hell hath NO fury is certainly right with regard to many women!

    Pecking orders concern me only in the sense that it's very uncomfortable to see people you would have as friends fight with other people you would have as friends.

    I understand that. I have learned to stay out of (the middle of) such controversies (however, some women need to draw everyone... the husband, kids, other friends/family... into their conflicts with other women: "How can take HER side!?? You're MY husband, child, friend, SIL! Nope, if you're on HER side, then you're NOT on mine!" What IS that??). Whether it's friends or SILs... so long as no one has a problem with ME... then I leave them to work it out (because while you can pretty easily mediate conflicts between men, doing so between women is a much, MUCH tougher challenge. And I say that as Certified Mediator who has mediated many and a number of various kinds of conflicts!). With my friends and SILs, I just say, "My name is Bennett. Leave your issues with "her" at the door and come on in!"). I digress.

    In regard to Genesis 3:16, I do think both men and women are carrying destructive baggage in their primal minds. It doesn't matter if we ascribe that to evolutionary legacy or to inherited sin, it's still there regardless.

    Yes! Men... AND women! And that was also part of my point. Indeed, as a woman, I think that sometimes WE are our greatest enemy. Particularly as to that subjection/inferior to men thing! Think of the damage mothers who live that existence... and teach their daughters to live it... DO. Not only to their daughters... but to themselves. To the WORLD.

    I'm noticing more and more professional women wearing earrings in the shape of tiny handcuffs,

    Really? I can honestly say I've never seen that! At least, not that I recall.

    which if I'm not mistaken is a homage to 50 Shades Of Grey.

    Ahhh, nope, haven't read it. And have no desire to, based on what I've heard. Just don't have the... mmmmmm... "curiousity"... or need" to "live" so... vicariously...

    I read the book out of curiosity and it struck me as extremely degrading to women. Almost to the point of being disturbing. What exactly is sexy about being handcuffed and spanked hard?

    Well, I can't respond to that personally, but "different strokes for different folks." No pun intended... or maybe it was - I can't remember which.

    What woman would even want that treatment, let alone be able to experience an orgasm from it?

    Again, different stro... well, you get the picture. Don't you?

    But the fact is, the book is a best seller and it wasn't the odd, male compulsive reader here and there that did that. True fans of E.L. James are almost entirely female.

    Well, E. L. James is a woman, dear one, so... would stand to reason to ME that her book(s) would "speak" to women more. Oh, wait... you mean because of the "porn"? Good lord, man... don't you know what a "romance" novel is... and for? Or a soap opera? Surely, you don't think women dislike porn?? True, many don't go for the hardcore, no holds barred stuff like men (who just want to cut to the chase)... but don't let the fool taste (or feigned chastity!) FOOL you: women like porn... so long as it's enterwined with a [reasonably decent and followable] plot.

    A good friend of mine is a psychologist in a federal penitentiary. He's told me that the most notorious male criminals in prison get mail by the big canvas bags that the postal serivce uses. In these bags are hundreds of letters from women. Declarations of undying affection. Offers of marriage. Offers of sex. Offers to bear the criminal's child. It's a psychological disorder called hybristophilia and is mostly a female affliction.

    Well, yeah, there's that. There's also the "safety" factor: he's where she knows he gonna be... and there are no other women there (to compete with). Of course, other men... and the potential for OTHER mail order women... don't count. But when he's in the pen a woman doesn't have to worry about where he is when he's not with her. And that's a HUGE "fear" for women. It's why some need their men to have a cell phone SO much, they're willing to buy him AND pay the bill: so they can always know where he is/reach him. Security, dear one, security. Which, after love/affection/being needed... is THE most important thing to a women. "Feeling" secure. ESPECIALLY in a relationship.

    On the flip side of the coin, most of the truly violent offenders in prison are in fact men. I guess that's convenient in a sick sort of way..

    VERY convenient for her: knows where he is... gets his full attention when she visits him ('cause he ain't had no one else come see him). Yep. Convenient... and secure. (I took a hybrid African American Studies/Criminal Justice class about this while in university.)

    I haven't made these observations because I think that's the way things ought to be. I don't. All my children are daughters and I worry for them.

    I understand. May I offer some advice? Treat your daughters the way you would want the person they ultimate choose to treat them. If you want them to be treated kindly and lovingly, tender and gentle, patient and tolerant... then be that way with them. If you want then to be abused, lorded over, oppressed... then treat them that way. They'll choose whatever you TEACH them to choose... and you are the primary example of that "lesson." As John Mayer sings:

    "Fathers be good to your daughters,

    Daughters will love as you do.

    Girls become lovers

    Who turn into mothers.

    So, mothers, be good

    To your daughters, too."

    Again, thank you for your comments, dear TD, and peace to you!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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