The Gentile Times Reconsidered (607 B.C.E.) -Part A1 - Jeremiah 25:10-12 Reviewed

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  • BroMac


    I think it is safe to say you will be back with another name. If you think your style of debate is far BETTER, more scholarly then you really are a very deluded JW. You like to come on here and be all clever and scholarly, when in reality you can't refute the facts you are presented with except in your own mind, where you repeat over and over and over again that 'This is Jehovah's Organisation, It's the Truth, The Faithfull & Discreet Slave have provided me with the proper food, If they say 607 then Jehovah says 607'.

    serious debate requires more burden of proof than that. You have been coming on this forum since 2001 as 'Scholar', I wonder if you realise how many you have helped to see The Truth About The Truth in all those years. Your debates do nothing but to highlight how weak WT doctrine is, and based on nothing.

    Jeffro is right, you really are not good at it. I'm not good at it either, it's ok though I don't pretend otherwise.

  • QC


    Great discussion!

    I do feel cheated that it ended without getting to 607. Most forums allow arguments till both sides have made their case respectfully. I don't understand why this forum is so paralyzed by fear. It's like I'm still at the KH being fed measured scoops of pablum. This is indication that the dominant spirit of the forum is insecure. The JW GB has this identical phobia sickness.

    Remember the Dark Ages cleric morbid hysteria with Galileo?


    Who appointed you to be kindergarten referee? Your presumptuousness is amazing. Are you the resident preeminent sage leading the flock?

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    WTF! How many identities does this doofus have?! LMAO!!!!

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    QC I would imagine he was kicked (yet again) as he has had most of his accounts banned not necessarily for any other infringement than he is a time wasting troll who keeps reregistering despite being previously banned (not sure what the original ban was for exactly or under which username, ...might have been Nananana, he had a good innings under Recovery as well).

    So whilst it may at first glance appear in this instance to be heavy handed to stifle him, but taken as a whole picture of his behaviour here then it is not, it is just a matter of time and inevitable.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    QC said this board is paralyzed by fear?? This jackole is constantly exposed for who he is. You call that fear??

    WTF A joke right?

  • QC

    WMF / CofC

    Let’s be real. Several people can get under the skin with rants. What happens when they rant? They sputter a bit, people ignore them, then they go away till their next rant. So they’re tolerated. FTF (aka whatever) is a brash eccentric. But, what make him intolerable is his argumentsare are cogent. He makes you think. Something the JW GB also fears the most.

    Ignore FTF and he will go away. Instead of being knee-jerk, folks should acknowledge if his arguments have merit or not. Secure people should make their augment strong, one way or the other, and then move on. Others of us can weight both sides and make an intelligent decision. Remember, it’s OK if someone does not agree with your argument. Also, over time positions can change. It’s call growing.

    I believe his brashness signal that he has some inferiority issues. But, his skills are a valuable asset, a beneficial data resource with time to rearch. Worst case scenario with him? We simply agree to disagree, next subject.

    One more thought: FTF does not run in JW status quo circles. He’s a uncontrollable loose cannon that’s tangential somehow, non-threatening to JW mainstream intelligentsia. Otherwise he would an ex-JW. Bet’cha. Brash loose canons are way too risky.

  • UnapologeticLWT

    I agree. Anytime a JW posts here they are hounded and ganged up on like a bunch of dogs on a cat. Everyone is allowed to break the forum guidelines by cursing and hurling insults yet the JW is banned for the most trivial or no reason at all. Why do you guys think there are never any JWs here?

    Its such a shame what this site has come to. This site is just an internet version of the Kingdom Hall. Any opposing viewpoint is shunned and silenced and shut down.

  • UnapologeticLWT

    You know whats a joke? No one else noticed Jeffro trying to debate about a language he doesnt speak?

  • Jeffro


    But, what make him intolerable is his argumentsare are cogent.

    The thing is, they're not. His arguments have an appearance of being cogent, but they are consistently fallacious. For example, he imagined he'd 'trumped' me with his 'knowledge' of languages, and then persisted in trying to drag me into his irrelevant strawman:

    Again Jeffro shows a gross lack of understanding about morphology; but about Greek this time. There is only one verb used in the LXX at Jeremiah 25:11 (a variant of doulos). The point was that the verb used here can also be rendered "destroy".

    Now, I didn't bother with that pathetic strawman, because the troll wasn't worth pandering to, and did that ever irritate him!! Not only is the correct meaning from the Greek identifiable from the context (something with which that split-personality poster seems to have much trouble), but more importantly, anyone with the most basic understanding of comparitive textual analysis would realise that the correct term is readily identifiable from the Greek and Hebrew sources available to us.

    Oh, and hi UnapologeticLWT (aka Macho, FaceTheFacts, etc)... I thought you left...

  • WinstonSmith

    And I clearly remember you using the UnapologeticLWT username to appeal to the mods to increase your post limit for one of your other accounts. The threads pleading to increase your limit have now been deleted.

    Not sure what I mean? Your post count reads 6. In the Topics Posted On section of your profile it shows only one thread. This one. Please show us the 5 other posts that you made on this thread. It should be easy if they are there. (I'm guessing the reply will either be a denial of being yet another incarnation, or a "I don't have to explain myself to you")

    This next question is a serious question: Why do you feel the need to keep coming back again and again? The mutiple usernames fool no-one as despite whatever false intro you might make when you first post under those names, you can't help yourself but flip into 'all out' mode before long. I honestly don't understand why you keep coming back. I'm not saying don't come back, its a free world, but I don't get the obsession you seem to have with this place. If I tried time and again to convince people of my viewpoint and time and again got the response you get here, I would just move on and focus my energy where it might be better received. Shake the dust off my feet so to speak. Why bother throwing your 'pearls' before us 'swine'?

    Are you JW? Most JWs that come here are genuinely seeking help. Any JW that comes here to defend WTS policies is in clear breach of clear direction from the FDS.

    I dunno, I just don't get it.

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