most boring television ever

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  • Hortensia

    When I was in high school, we called those books "Bored of the Rings." The films didn't change anything for me at all.

    More boring television -- how about endless repeats of shows like "House Hunters" and "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives?" I Most of the channels seem to just repeat the same show all day long. That pest control guy can be pretty funny for one episode, but not for 4 hours!

    I just called the cable company and cancelled my cable television. I can watch anything I want on the internet, and there is a lot more choice.

  • Hortensia

    And what about the "prequel" Star Wars movies? The only good Star Wars movies had Harrison Ford in them.

  • JeffT

    General Accepted Accounting Principles? FASB.

    Not even that interesting. Some discussion of the difference between financial and operational audits (the state office does both), the size of the staff needed to accomplish that, and some discussion of what the auditors priorities should be. They both focused on the fact that the state ferry system and the Port of Seattle need close supervision, there are a couple of towns that need to be watched and basically it's the auditors job to see that the state is a good stewart of our money. Everybody in the state already knows all of that.

    Important, but not exciting to watch.

    PS I like LOTR, the HP movies are OK.

    I've discovered its almost impossible to watch Tom Cruise in anything anymore.

  • Glander

    I've enjoyed reading Lee Childs, "Jack Reacher" books. I have his latest waiting on my kindle. When I read that Little Tommy Cruise was going to play the part of 6'5" bad ass, Reacher, I knew I would never see the film. Now I've come across two respected movie critics who are dusting off their nastiest language to give it a thumbs down. Too bad.

  • trillaz

    I agree. Watching any LOTR was very boring. I hate Frodo's guts for being such a wimp.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    My kids, who were pre-teen at the time, were dying to see one of the LOTR movies several years ago. A few local JWs had seen it and were raving about it, but quietly for fear of being branded as "weak" or "bad association".

    Anyway, the kids weren't letting their request die, so as a dutiful Elder Dad, I decided to go preview the thing myself on a work night and decide whether it was too worldly/demonized/violent, etc for them to see.

    I sat down in the chair. My eyelids were shut within 5 minutes. 10 minutes later there's shrieking music and some critter is fighting for its life and I sit bolt upright almost going into cardiac arrest. 2 minutes later I'm sound asleep. 10 minutes later there's shrieking music and some critter is fighting for its life and I sit bolt upright almost going into cardiac arrest. ....lather, rinse, repeat for the duration of the movie.

    I think I told my kids it was too violent since that's ALL I saw in the movie. Poor kids. I guess.


  • Hortensia

    LOL Open Mind -- too much violence, little else except for close-ups of Frodo's face in various unconvincing expression of agony, fear, whatever

  • Skbj

    When I saw LOTR at the theatre I positively fell asleep in all 3, but that was before I met my husband who then educated me on lots of stuff and since then I love them...Just saw the Hobbit last weekend btw, good fun also.

    Star Trek I love, both the old series the movies and my favourite is DS9.

    Most boring for me to watch is cricket. Won't sit to watch that on tv or live even if I got paid for it.

    2nd most boring piece of tv are CM Punk speeches on WWE. Oh I so wanna give him a taste of my knuckles.

  • mrsjones5

    I've read The Hobbit multiple times (loved it). I've read LOTR multiple times and have watched all three moves numerous times (loved both). I'm very eager to see The Hobbit in a movie theater. My kids are less that enthusiastic about any of it.

    My daughter has read all of the HP books numerous times, has watched the movies over and over every chance she gets. Last weekend was a HP/LOTR weekend. I like HP but I'm not as devoted as my daughter.

    I consider both series to be something not everyone gets or loves. That's cool.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Since all I ever gave to the LOTR series was a few minutes of my time while desperately wanting to go to sleep anyway, I'm going to check the first book in the triology out from the library and give it a go.

    Perhaps it will turn out to be one of those "loved the book, didn't care for the move" experiences. (Think "Dune" by Frank Herbert.)


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