Watch Tower Web Site Has No Commenting Feature, Comments Unwelcome,

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  • frankiespeakin

    Well it comes as no surprise that the "official" Watch Tower web site has no place to leave a comment you can only leave your address if your interested.

    Can you imagine if they did have a place where you can post comments what would happen?

    I'm sure the lack luster of the Wt web site is due to the fact that a bunch of old governing Body member must go over it with a fine toothed comb and with all thier other business to carry out as corporation executives it is just to time consuming and lets face it these old guys just don't have what it takes to bring this organization thru the 21st century, they are too lost in thier delusion, they are fighting thier own shadow, the enemy is everyone that disagrees with them and they are so steeped in denial they don't want to hear any comment that doesn't agree with them. They only want confirmation biased statements to read, all else must be resisted and faught against.

    Internet presents is very important to the WT or it should be as door to door sales will no longer pay the bills, who wants a trashy magazine when you can down load info cheaply and quickly off the net.

    These delusional old guys running the WT will be the reason they go belly up. Thier web site shows they are not ready for what the 21st century has to offer. Expect no improvements in the future as the Governing Body captains ride thier sinking ship down to the bottom of the sea.

  • unstopableravens

    ummm yeah! that would expose jw to the truth about the truth quicker than anything else!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    New site in a nutshell:

    TOP ==> DOWN

    We are not interested in what YOU THINK.

    If you don't like it, MOVE ALONG.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Well, you know how it is...the good JWs who are supposed to visit that site exclusively might be stumbled if "apostates" were allowed to leave comments. They can't have that, can they?

  • moshe

    You can leave short pithy comments- by incorporating them into a bogus request for information-

  • unstopableravens

    moshe : i never thought off that. umm maybe greber would like a study lol

  • Chaserious

    Why would they allow comments? It's not a forum. What other websites for corporations, charities, religious orgs, or universities have comments sections? Maybe they should start a facebook or twitter page. That'd be fun, lol

  • supernerdboy

    Most sites have a "leave a commet buttan ant the bottom of every page/

  • Apognophos
    Apognophos -- feedback form, but no comments -- no comments -- no comments as far as I can tell

  • frankiespeakin

    Well I think since the organization sends out the faithful to knock on doors and engage the householder in theocratic discussions, it is pretty cheesy on thier part to not have live contact and post comments on thier web site.

    I'm mean they call in the mourning at our doors when we might be sleeping late or have other important matter to take care of, then the least they could do is have a welcome to the site and leave some box open to engage in dialog or leave a message with response by email or something.

    Thier internet presents for prostelizing is very weak, they should not let this witnessing opportunity slip thru thier fingers if they really have the Truth and feel need preach at evey opportunity.

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