JW's in a sports bar

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  • JakeM2012

    CNN is reporting of drive up windows of WORLDY people paying "forward" for OVER 3 + hours, which is hundreds of people, in a bad economy. And yet this thread is about the tight wad witnesses. In my younger years, I enjoyed dinner with the window washer/night floor polishing/ free loading/ no tipping stingy grinches. I learned quickly.

    I remember one guy that was notorious for only ordering water saying he wasn't hungry; then as people finished eating, all of the sudden he became hungry and would consume the remains of their meals including the remains of beer. Since this brother only had water he didn't pay anything, even though the payment to the waitress came up short. Like I said, I learned quickly, after that I would rather invite a nice woman or couple out to dinner and pay all the tab including tip than be run over by these tight wads.

    In the eighties there were progressive resturants that would have dance floors separate from the resturant with a club appeal. These seemed to the the target of the elders, not just a sports bar.

  • pontoon

    This thread took on a life of it's own. When I started it I was just thinking of how I was observing all those witnesses, in their meeting clothes, looking somewhat out if place in a sports bar. Only saw that the father across from me was a cheap tipper. My dad, a witness is a big tipper. No doubt the good and bad tippers in the Org are a reflection of society.

  • Think About It
    Think About It
    I apologize to the waiter for my 'friends' behavior. Even after ou explain WHY tipping is important, the friends usually give an excuse that boils down to 'i don't want to give them extra money.' Fuck em

    I may be wrong, but I sometimes wondered if the reputation of JW's as a whole as being lousy tippers was maybe due to the contempt most had towards worldly people. As we all know and remember, "worldly people" were basically considered the walking dead who were to be slaughtered forever at any moment. I could see some Jdubs easily reasoning on why not to tip them.

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