Who or what is to blame for the Newtown CT shooting?

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  • Finkelstein

    Who or what is to blame for the Newtown CT shooting ?

    The American fascination with violence and guns and the billion dollar gun industry promoting themselves with the 2nd. amendment in their pockets.

    No other country in the world sells so many guns to its population.

    No other country in the world where a good proportion of its citizens feel they must own guns for their own personal protection

    from other members of its own citizenship.

    The Sandy Hook tragedy is a good example of this social phenomena.

    The guns which Adam Lanza used to kill his own mother and everyone at Sandy Hook Elementary

    where guns purchases by his mother to protect herself from outside harm.

    The 2nd. amendment of the US Constitution has been exploited extraneously to support the gun manufacturing industry and has

    done so in very apathetic way for a very long time. An obvious situation of Blood for money $$$

    The more created apparent fear within a society the better the sales of guns occur, another segment of the exploitation of the gun

    industry. To support this assertion every time a massacre happens in the States, gun sales immediately soar shortly there after.

    Once again the gun industry makes a further increase in its sales and profits.

    In a ironic and unfortunate way the 2nd. amendment has actually over time hurt the population of the US, which was really not the intent

    of the law when it was first originally created some 200 years ago.

  • DaCheech

    finkel. you know it all!

    you get the nobel peace prize medal

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    I agree with what sooner7nc writes above.

    I’ll add that with population growth we can expect more of the same from disturbed individuals unless we take unprecedented measures. I say unprecedented because increasing population density is unprecedented.

    Imagine an absolutely closed neighborhood of 100 square miles where no one can enter or leave. Imagine there are 10 persons living in this neighborhood and at all times at least 10% are violent.

    In this simple neighborhood 10% equals 1 violent person. The potential victims are not likely to be clumped together given the amount of available real estate. If (when) this violent person murders it’ll likely be a small number (perhaps only one).

    Now image centuries into the future when this same 100 square mile neighborhood has a population of 10,000. This extent of density poses a target of opportunity far more extensive than yesteryears because, all other things equal, one perpetrator of violence has more available ducks hence more ducks in a row to victimize. But in this denser community we not only have more ducks and more ducks in a row, we also have the same percentage of violent persons, which means we now have 1,000 violent persons each of which has more ducks and more ducks in a row.

    Our 100 square mile community is planet earth, whose population is growing denser by the day.

    Protecting ourselves from perpetrators of violence is far, far more complex than most realize. Until it’s solved it’s no wonder so many of the non-violent citizenry feel compelled to arm themselves for personal protection.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • DaCheech

    marvin, thumbs up!

    The US has quite a bit of crime, how can anyone blame "non-crime" (law abiding citizens) people for trying to protect themselves?

  • DaCheech

    has the liberal media even mentioned blaming "Adam Lanza"?/????

  • EntirelyPossible

    A gun was fired. A bullet killed.

    All this people kill and guns don't is nonsense

    Clearly adressing the actual problem and logical consistency is not on your agenda.

    there were over 100 people killed in the USA shortly after Sandy Hook - all by guns.

    If this was REALLY about stopping preventable death, guns would be much lower on your list. This is about stopping preventable death from something you don't like. When it comes to YOUR conveniences, you are perfectly happy to live with a much higher death rate.

    Your hypocrisy is staggering.

  • sooner7nc

    I agree on the population density idea. The Scandinavian countries have been put forth as an example of the way the US should be but Finland for example has slightly less than 5 and a half million people, strict gun control, socialized medicine, free education, and a low population density and yet they have still had a few issues of mass shootings.

    There is something much deeper and more pervasive than what kind of weapon was used at work here.

  • Finkelstein

    There is something much deeper and more pervasive than what kind of weapon was used at work here.


    Guns and their availability are just part of the problem and do not constitute the problem in its entirety.

  • sooner7nc

    Wow. We agree on something...kind of. Maybe all hope is not lost.

  • Finkelstein

    There appears to be more centralized mitigating psychological circumstances that are more relevant to cause

    these individuals to act as they did.

    Adam Lanza for example was said to be emotionally distraught because his mother was seeking out to have him put into

    a care home for people who have slight mental disabilities.

    The Virginia Tech attacker was said to have social interactive problems in schools and colleges, where it became that all

    other students were perceived to be his own personal viral enemies. Where did these young people learn how to treat and handle enemies,

    the answer might be in violent video games, where at least there they were true victors over their apparent enemies.

    There they were unstoppable winners and conquerers with power and control in their hands over all other perceivable opponents .

    I think some of that imaginary self assuming identity, although apparently psychological in nature, infused into their own

    real perception who these still young mentally immature people saw of themselves as individuals.

    They may have been unappreciative and unpopular social outcasts in the real world but oh so prominent, powerful

    and controlling in the imaginary world of video games.

    In reflection sound too simple, it may not really be .

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