Who or what is to blame for the Newtown CT shooting?

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  • BreathoftheIndianNose

    If events like the recent school shooting in Newtown are to be avoided from here on out, we MUST understand who or what is to blame. There IS a reason that it happend, maybe it was simple or maybe it was very complex, but this didn't just simply happen. A series of events transpired that inspired or even just allowed Adam Lanza to commit this terrible atrocity. The only way to REALLY fix a problem is to FULLY understand WHAT is BROKEN. So again, who or what is to blame? Only Lanza? Poor gun control laws? Poor parenting? Poor school security? Poor access to health care for the psychologically ill? Thevgrowing entertainment culture of violent video games? Or is it even deeper than these? Let's not discuss just yet how to fix it, lets discuss WHAT is broken. Yet again, the question is, WHO or WHAT is to blame for the Newtown school shooting?


  • ronwashington

    violent video games and that rock and roll music kids listen to these days

  • zeb

    well 'BOTIN' you got it in one.

    what is the cost of medication that one site said he was taking?

    you guys need a Pharmaceutical scheme like we have here in Australia. Its not free but the Govt carrys most of the cost. so no need to go off the pills.

    what the hell was his mother doing with those guns when her son was so unstable? here in Australia you are screaned by the police before you can get your permit to buy. Whether the NRA like it or not if that had been in place, perhaps this would not have happened.

    and what did he do for 'entertainment' those violent video games? pound his brain with that hate music?

    what was his hatred for little children?

    Did he ever listen to Mozart? and here i am drawing a comparison.

    As part of this site i comment but the answer must come from those in the US.

    Peace and love to you all.

  • LongHairGal


    Several factors contributed to this, in my opinion.

    First, bullying; Second, mental/physical illness; Third, an unwise mother for not only having all those weapons around, but letting him learn how to use them.

    If she had not done this, there is no way of knowing if he could have obtained these firearms without drawing somebody's attention and perhaps a tragedy of this magnitude might not have occurred.

    We will never know.

  • sooner7nc

    (1) Adam Lanza

    (2) Adam Lanza's mother

    (3) Adam Lanza's father

    (4) No secure gun safe (secure in that the crazy motherfucker shouldn't have been able to get into it)

  • DaCheech

    just like Whitney Houston was made out to be the victim (crack addict), and everyone else was to blame (thanks to the liberal media).

    Instead of blaming these monsters, the liberal media is trying to pass the buck on everyone else!

  • kozmo

    Well, it wasn't God's fault as seen on a Tee shirt recently:

    Dear God,

    Why did you allow all this violence in the schools?


    Concerned student

    God's response:

    Dear concerned student,

    I am not allowed in the schools.


  • designs

    'I am not allowed in Schools. God' wow what a woosie....

  • unstopableravens

    it has to be a combo of different things, mental illness, lacl of compassion which my be tied to mental issues, and of course what we put into our minds, one thing that really struck me when his horrible event happened was a movie i have always loved. star wars just an example skywalker went in and killed the kids, and even as much as i love starwars that always bothered me why did that have to be part of the story, when its in movies and we are entertained by it, it may push someone who is already not sane over the limit. maybe im wrong but thats my thoughts

  • sammielee24

    There is a fact. The fact is that bullets were fired from a gun. That is a fact. - the fact is that a weapon was fired and that is why 28 people were slaughtered within ten minutes.

    All this people kill and guns don't is nonsense - so let's put grenades in the gun stores too. A grenade doesn't really kill. It's just a piece of junk. Kind of like a land mine. Lets put those weapons in stores too. Ater all they don't really kill...oh wait....how many kids have lost their legs or been blown up from land mines twenty years after a war? When it happens in other countries I guess that doesn't count. That animal that tried to outrun Palin in her helicopter was killed by a bullet - bullets kill - if she had stalked him on foot with a hunting knife she most likely wouldn't be successful. She might have shot and missed - but a bullet is ejected from a gun made to kill - killing machine - so guns do kill. A loaded gun accidentally tripped will kill - no person necessary.

    A gun was fired. A bullet killed.

    First line of attack should be the weapon - there were over 100 people killed in the USA shortly after Sandy Hook - all by guns. Accidents. Maybe some of them. That then would elimnate by over half, all the mentally ill people and so we have millions of guns left in the hands of inept fools. You have to attack attitude first and with nutbars like the NRA champions, it won't happen because Americans in general are a fearful society that turns to guns to feel secure. A JW gets out of the cult and realizes how sick he was that he would have let his child die for a belief of no blood - a person indoctrinated into a cult - aka NRA following - has to be out of the environment for a long time in order to really assess the situation they were in. Maybe if many Americans lived outside the USA for a long time and in societies where people aren't that tied to weaponry and don't accept that level of violence, they would be able to understand why the rest of the world finds their stance very sad. Turfing Piers Morgan out of the country is an example of the lack of dialogue that is allowable when it comes to guns - would George Zimmerman really have followed Trayvon if he didn't have a gun? Did the gun give him a sense of bravado? Would he have made a simple call to the police and then let them handle it? Probably. sammies

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