Does it get boring....

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  • haboob48

    No.........NOT at all.

  • cantleave

    When it gets boring I stop visiting for while.

    I usually come on here when relaxing in the evening or when there isn't much doing at work. I am sure your review of Carl Olaf Jonson will be far from boring!


    Ahh, yes... The boring search for truth. The reality is that boredom comes only to those who stop searching, and stop being self-actualizing individuals as we were created to be. The stagnation and boredom is from the constant drone of ignorant, fearful, greedy, power-hungy, self appointed, unreasonable and small-minded humans invading the life and psyche of others. When you abdicate all responsibility for personal growth, mental, emotional, spiritual, then you become a human who exists like an animal. What could be more boring and hellish than living a life devoid of the pursuit of truth, while subjugating your whole being to religious charlatans who have no real authority? The truth will set you free.

  • Jeffro
    Does it become boring/monotonous...

    What an odd question.

    Anything gets boring or monotonous after some amount of time. It's not as though people are tied to a chair with their eyes held open, forced to read the forum 24 hours a day. When a person is bored of reading, they stop reading.

    Either the questioner has an agenda or is not familiar with the general human experience.

  • jwfacts

    Does constantly reincarnating yourself and creating the same sort of threads over and over become boring?

  • d

    Now it is not boring in any way.

  • FaceTheFacts

    Thanks to everyone for the (positive) responses.

  • Crisis of Conscience
  • dazed but not confused
  • wasblind

    Does constantly reincarnating yourself and creating the same sort of threads over and over become boring?________jwfacts

    Now that's short and to the point this is surely a repeat offender who's addicted to the " Boredom " of this site

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