What activity or dream did you put off till the New System?

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  • nochoice

    After reading the thread about JW kids getting gifts all year and not needing Christmas, I thought about how I was told there would be plenty of toys in the New System. I was told that on my Birthday too. And now I started thinking about ALL the things I justified suffering growing up as a kid, and then a teenager, and then an adult, because it would be better in the New System.

    Overworked with service and study and meetings? There will be plenty of time for sleep in the New System!

    No toys to play with now? You'll get freaking lions later! (And snakes to stick your fingers in too, won't that be cool?)

    No possible wife or husband to choose from that's in the Truth? Well ... we'll make it so you dont' want one in the New System cause you can't marry there, but rest assured, you'll be happy and not want sex anyway.

    Of course, many of us put off higher education and put the ministry first, since that nice house will be even better if we don't try to get it now but wait for the New System.

    What things did you really want to do, or really want to have, or really want to experience, that you decided you just weren't going to get in this Old System, but that's ok it will be GREAT in the New System? And if you're "out" now, were you able to go back and fulfill any dreams?

  • Hortensia

    depressing to think back on that state of mind, especially since I put off everything for the hope of paradise, while at the same time being absolutely certain I wouldn't make it.

    Double bind.

  • Splash

    I wanted to take up boxing as a teenager but there was no chance.

    Did some martial arts but had to stop when i was found out.

  • SophieG

    Working at 35,000 feet as an inflight entertainer for many years I developed an intense desire to find out what is would be like to be outside the aircraft in the sky. But that notion that I would be testing Jah held me back. So the minute I was out the first thing I did was sky dive! Now I'm addicted to free falling!

    as far as not having toys in the New System... PHFTT! I was gonna smuggle my Bullet in! Screw them! They ain't taking that away from me!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?


  • happytobefree

    SophieG... I was gonna smuggle my Bullet in! Screw them! They ain't taking that away from me!

    lol...I understand...lol

  • RubaDub

    Have my wife get naked, glue pages of Studies of the Scriptures to her body, put a ball gag in her mouth and slap her on the behind while listening to Kingdom Melodies.

    Rub a Dub

  • mrquik

    Thanks RAB for that visual.

  • RubaDub
    Thanks RAB for that visual.

    mrquik ...

    That was actually number 8 on my list. I think the first 7 may be a bit too intense for this audience.

    But then with eternity in view, the possibilities would be endless.

    Rub a Dub

  • Yohan

    I only put things off until I was of legal age and could get out of that stupid cult of mentally ill people.

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